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The Surprising Truth About Your Little Black Dress

Facts You Never Knew About Your Little Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn in her trademark little black dress
What is a little black dress to you? A timeless classic? That faithful dress that's always the first to get tried on for a party? One thing's for sure, the LBD is going nowhere and has been a style icon since the days of the 50s bombshells like Audrey hepburn who you can see above in one of her famous little black dresses. Despite the little black dress being immensely popular and only in one colour, a recent survey of 2000 women featured in the 'Mail online' is quite an eye-opener, as it suggests that it takes us a lot longer to choose an LBD than you may think! Let's take a look. LBDs are beloved of many celebrities like Victoria Beckham here, who is often seen in them:
Victoria Beckham in little black dress

Finding And Keeping An LBD Is A Labor Of Love

Believe it or not, the survey showed that finding a new LBD will take the average woman a massive 30 hours of shopping! That's 5 full days! Does it take you that long to find a new dress? That's not all though, as it suggests that the average woman parts with nearly US$200 per dress and only wears it twice because she's worried about being seen in the same dress too many times!

The Little Black Dress Is The Commando Of Your Wardrobe

An interesting fact to come out of this was that '8 out of 10 women claim to own an LBD,' thinking that no wardrobe is complete without it. Do you agree, or are you not an LBD fan? However most LBDs are almost never worn, rather spending an average of 11 years in your wardrobe. So it seems that just having an LBD ready for action, should there ever be an occasion where it's needed, is enough to make most of us feel satisfied with our wardrobes! If you'd like to see the whole article you can read it here. So do you fit the profile of the women interviewed here? How often do you wear your little black dress? Let us know by leaving a reply please :-)    

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