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I'm Going To An Outdoor Wedding, But What Kind Of Outfit Is Good?

Help Me OuterInner! I'm Going To An Outdoor Wedding, But I Don't Know What To Wear!

outdoor wedding clothing ideas
As we head into Spring and Summer many of us are going to be invited to outdoor weddings! But the big question is what should you be wearing? Should you be casual? If so, how casual? Let's take a look here:  

What To Wear (And What To Avoid!)

heels and grass aren't good bedfellows!
Because of where they are it can be hard to decide what to wear for an outdoor wedding! Formal dresses don't necessarily lend themselves to outdoor conditions very well, especially if they're made of thick material or have long skirts. You could be too hot, too uncomfortable, or both! Hence being casual is the norm here, but NOT underdressed. Don't see this as a negative though as, despite the challenge, it actually allows you a lot more freedom than than a more traditional wedding where you can basically on wear a long formal dress. It's a time with more sunshine and warmer weather, so you'll want to consider bright, cheery colors and fun patterns. I mentioned material earlier, and you'll want to stear clear of heavy materials and go for cotton or even silk as these will keep you cool on a warm day. As for accessories, bear in mind that you're outside so a wide-brimmed sun hat could be important if it's very sunny. You should also choose sandals or wedges if you're planning on walking on sand or gras, or you'll get stuck in normal heels!  

Still Confused About What To Wear At An Outdoor wedding? Let's Take A Look At Some Options We've Picked Out For You!

Yellows A-line Spaghetti Straps Asymetrical Chiffon Cocktail Dress Style Code: 05989 US$99.00 A strappy asymetrical dress like this is both light and pretty for warmer months, but it's still 'dressy' enough to be appropriate for a wedding.  
chunky bracelet You could team up your light dress with a chunky bracelet like this one. Gold color would also be fine, as wood would be as well.  
beaded sandals How about a pair of beaded flat sandals? The ones pictures are light-weight and have a fun ethnic feel to them!  
Deap V Floral Printed Ready-To-Ship Dress Style Code: 06343 US$229.00 On the other hand this light chiffon floral print dress is great for Spring or Summer! As you can see, even though it's long, it's made of very light fly-away material which will keep you cool, and the floral pattern is pretty without being too wild!  
cork wedges If you can't cope without heels don't worry, wedges, like these cute cork wedges, will see you through the wedding and won't get stuck in the grass or sand!  
Clutches, Style Code: 07745, US$28.00 Finally don't forget to finish off your outfit with a relaxed clutch like this one. Choose fairly neutral colors which can go with any dress and you'll have a handy place to keep your necessities.  
So what do you think of these choices? Would you choose something similar to wear to an outdoor wedding, or would you go for something different? Let us know by leaving a comment.
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