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Wardrobe Missing A Shawl? Here's Why That's A Mistake!

Do I Need A Shawl?

A shawl like this can be a great finishing touch to your outfit
So you've got your dress, but is your outfit complete? Perhaps a shawl could be the last piece of the puzzle? If you're heading outside and feel the need for a little shelter from the elements then they're just for you. Maybe you're looking for an accessory which not only provides matching color, but can also be worn in a variety of styles? So let's look at shawls and see if they're what you need:

Why Would I Want To Wear A Shawl?

If you're perhaps attending an outdoor wedding or party then, once evening falls, you may be relieved to have a shawl to wrap around your shoulders which can help you to avoid any chill. Shawls are also great as they can be worn in so many different ways. They are also generally cheap, so you can start your own fun collection of different patterns or colors and they can really perk up your outfit with a cheery splash of color!

Are There Any Cool Ways To Wear A Shawl That I Can Try?

There are loads of ways to wear a shawl which is what makes them fun! Lets look at some now:
Wear the shawl loosely around your shoulders Wear the shawl loosely around your shoulders. This is the standard method for wearing a shawl and is perfect for when you're wearing a strappy dress and the sun's going down.  
wear the shawl in a french knot Fold the shawl in half creating a loop half way along, pull it around your neck, and finally push the ends though the loop. This is a real neckwarming style and so is better for colder weather.  
loose bohemian loop shawl This is a very bohemian, almost effortlessly lazy and cool, way to wear your shawl; simply gather it into a loose loop around your neck.  
Are there any other ways to wear a shawl that you can suggest?  

Do OuterInner.com Have Any Shawls?

Good news! Of course we do! You can buy a shawl from us and they're available in a choice of colors to match your dress. Here's a few options to get you started:
satin shawl This satin shawl (Style Code: 06797) is a mere US$19.00, which is a bargain!  
silk organza shawl which is good for weddings Brides or white dress wearers would love this silk organza shawl (Style Code: 06687) and it's got really lovely flower decorations. It's just US$26.00!  
square shawl This square shawl is special because it features buttons and can be fastened into different shapes, such as a cape or jacket. Yours for just US$23.00!  
light chiffon shawl This light chiffon shawl is a little different to the others as it's almost like an illusion. It's so pretty with a cute bow at the front and is delightfully sheer. Buy this for US$31.00.  

If these shawls just aren't enough and you need to see more to find that special shawl that you've been after then just click that link to see our full range!

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