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I'm Getting Married, But Who Pays For The Bridesmaid Dress?

Who Pays For The Bridesmaid Dress?

who pays for the bridesmaid dress?
A question which can come up before weddings is who should pay for the bridesmaid dress. If you're the bride perhaps you feel that you should pay? Maybe you're a little concerned that you're asking your girls to buy a bridesmaid dress that they might not even like! What should you do in these situations and how can you handle your bridesmaids? First of all it's important to say that the normal etiquette is for each bridesmaid to pay for her own bridesmaid dress. If you choose to offer to pay for them all then that's fine, but your girls need to understand that they're responsible for their dresses. This is why they need to be informed early. If you encounter a bridesmaid who says that she doesn't want to pay it could be that she doesn't want to even attend the wedding anyway. In this case it's no great loss!

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Ways To Keep Everyone Happy With Their Bridesmaid Dress

keeping everyone happy may not be so easy
Bridesmaids are a lot more likely to be happy with paying for their bridesmaid dress if it fits the following criteria:
  • The bridesmaid dress is so cheap that it's not an inconvenience to buy it
  • It's a style that they love and really buy into, so the money's not a problem
  • You choose a style that can be re-worn as an occasions dress in the future
  To be honest the first and third options are the easiest 'sell' for your bridesmaids, as it gives them a genuine 'benefit' for their money. If the bridesmaid dress is so cheap, say less than US$60, most girls will have no problem with spending that to attend their friend's wedding. Luckily OuterInner.com have a selection of really cheap bridesmaid dresses that are under sixty bucks here! Hopefully you have a very tight-knit group of friends who will accept whichever style you choose because they want the best for you, their friend. In this case go ahead and choose the style you like! But the best option is to choose a bridesmaid dress that your girls will like to wear again and again; then it's a kind of gift, as well as being a dress that everyone will enjoy on your wedding day. To do this you need to take some time to choose styles that the girls like and then everyone can be satisfied, and if you're concerned about them having different body shapes that's fine too. You could choose different styles of bridesmaid dress in the same color which is an increasingly popular wedding option these days.

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What kind of bridesmaid dress did you choose for your wedding? Did your bridesmaids have any issues with them? What's your advice when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses? Let us know please.  
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