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Don't Look A Fool By The Pool! 4 Bikini Styles YOU Need For Vacation

Bikini & Swimsuit Trends You'll Love For Your 2012 Vacations!

ready for a new bikini for your vacation?
Picture the scene...you're lounging on a beach in the shade of a palm tree, it's warm, there's a breeze in the air and you can hear the sounds of the waves lapping at the shore just a mere few feet away. What's missing? A new bikini of course! You know how you always feel compelled to update your wardrobe with some new clothes before you go on vacation so you can look your best? Don't neglect your beachwear! Hopefully you're going to somewhere lovely and warm, so you're going to be in bikinis or swimsuits a lot of the time! But what are the bikini trends that you need to be on top of in 2012? Well we've got a whole range of trendy, new bikinis and swimsuits here at OuterInner.com so we think we can give you some ideas! Let's check out the styles you need to grab:

Retro Style

Retro is big on the beaches this year, so look out for swimsuits, polka dots and stripes. The good thing about swimsuits is that they're slimming because they cover the trunk of your body, which is always a plus, especially if you don't have time for a beach-body diet! Don't forget the big 'Jackie O' style sunnies and a straw hat for that real retro look.
Contrast Polka Dots One-Piece Swimsuit This pretty one-piece is a modern take on old-fashioned 50s style bathing suits and is really cute! It's lovely and is just US$34. Click here to go to its page and buy it: Contrast Polka Dots One-Piece Swimwear.  

Sporty Style

Continuing with the theme of one-pieces we're alos seeing a lot of sporty style swimsuits, and don't forget that it's an olympic year, so now's a good time to channel your inner-sportswoman and grab gold for 'best-looking by the pool!' Look out for sleek one-pieces and bold, sporty stripes and patterns.
Tank Top Elastic Band One-piece swimsuit The one-shoulder look and bold stripes really make an impact, and it's nice to see that a one-piece can look really current and fun, despite their rather unfair image of being more boring than bikinis. Get this swimsuit for just US$34.99. Click here to buy it: Tank Top Elastic Band One-piece swimsuit.  

Striking Prints

Plain colors are an ever-present on vacations, but why not jazz things up a little by choosing some of the wild prints that are out there like this bikini below?
Brief Bottom Halter Top Triangle Top Back Tie Bikini The cool print of this bikini is quite eye-catching and will definitely add some 'cool' to your vacation wardrobe, and best of all it's just US$24.99. See it here: Brief Bottom Halter Top Triangle Top Back Tie Bikini.  

'Classic' Bikini

By classic we mean simple colors like black, white, gray and nude. These are more slimming than printed bikinis and never go out of fashion!
Gray Halter Bikini This bikini has a lovely, yet subtle, gray color and is in a cute halter-neck style. Click this link to go to the product page: Gray Halter Bikini.  

Don't wait until just before you go on vacation to buy a bikini! You'll pay a lot more from local stores! Click here now to check out our low-price bikini range by following that link :-)

What's your bikini style? Do you like any of these trends, or is there one missing that you prefer? Let us know please!  

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