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Why Life's NOT A Lemon With Yellow Prom Dresses

How To Wear Yellow Prom Dresses

yellow prom dresses are striking and cheerful
Yellow. What do you think of? Spring daffodils? Sunny days? Mould? Bananas? No matter whether it's a positive image or not, yellow prom dresses can be difficult to wear as it's a tricky colour to pull off! That's why I thought it was time to take a look at how to wear them and really stand out at prom!  

Why Should I Be Looking At Yellow Prom Dresses?

bring joy to your surroundings with yellow
Everyone knows that Prom is a time to get noticed and show off your fashionable side. One of the best ways to do this is to choose bright colours such as yellow prom dresses which are sure to brighten up any room! There's logic behind this, as did you know that yellow is the easiest colour for the human eye to see? It's also a colour that's associated with joy and happiness, so what better colour for your prom dress?   If you really fancy sharpening up with yellow prom dresses then you need to follow these tips:

Be Aware Of Your Skin Tone

which skin tone are you?
Yellow isn't limited to only a few lucky people. In fact, you'll find a shade for most tones, from pale to dark! For instance, paler tones will be pepped up with a nice, tangy mustard or darker yellow, whereas tanned to dark tones will be able to go nuclear with lemon through to neon yellows!  

Use Yellow As A Trend Throughout Your Outfit

If yellow's good enough for Leighton...
You don't need to go solely for a yellow prom dress, in fact it's also good to add some yellow touches elsewhere such as a flower in your hair, or yellow shoes. On the other hand, you could choose a dress which has just a splash of yellow in it (such as part of a print) and then also accessorize with more yellow, and maybe even some yellow eye-shadow. This can be a little more subtle than just going for a full-on yellow dress.  

Yellow Prints Are Better For Paler Complexions Than Colour-Blocking It

yellow print dress that's not too intense
Very bright yellows could swamp your paler complexion, therefore if you are an 'English Rose' type, but still love the idea of yellow prom dresses then a print is a far less overpowering way to go as you can see in the picture above.  

Try Getting A Tan To Really Glow

a tan will work well with yellow
Although I would never suggest using sunbeds, you might like to fake a tan before your prom as yellow really does look great the darker your skin is! You also can't beat the healthy glow of having a tan!  

Not Feeling Too Brave? Try Yellow Accessories Instead!

funky yellow accessories
I've already told you how perky yellow can be, so even if you aren't going with a yellow prom dress you can still add a little sunshine to your outfit by choosing yellow accessories such as shoes, a clutch, jewelry or even makeup. It has to be said that yellow accessories work particularly well with fairly neutral colours.   So, that's the how, now let's get into some of OuterInner.com's most amazing yellow prom dresses that you could grab this year:
Style Code: 00763 US$149.00"alt="One Shoulder Chiffon Floor-length Yellows Black Tie Event Style Code: 00763 US$149.00"> One-shoulder dresses are really chic. Pair this with yellow and you've got a real winner! Best of all it's just US$149.00! Style Code: 00763  
Style Code: 00519 US$119.00"alt="Trumpet/ Mermaid Yellows Elastic Woven Satin Ruffles Evening Wear Style Code: 00519 US$119.00"> The yellow hue of this mermaid dress is interesting and the silky satin is beautifully soft. Yours for US$119. Style Code: 00519  
Style Code: 00976 US$109.00"alt="Beading Yellows Sweep/ Brush Train Sleeveless Homecoming Dresses Style Code: 00976 US$109.00"> This, to me, is more than just a homecoming dress - I think it's formal enough for prom too and has a beautiful train and slit skirt! A bargain at US$109! Style Code: 00976  
Style Code: 05633 US$134.00"alt="Straps Court Train Elastic Silk Like Satin Graduation Prom Style Code: 05633 US$134.00"> This prom dress is so slinky and its back is almost as glam as the front! Just US$134! Style Code: 05633  
Style Code: 00351 US$119.00"alt="Sheath Elastic Silk-Like Satin Sweep/ Brush Train Sleeveless Black Tie Event Style Code: 00351 US$119.00"> A really eye-catching sleeveless gown with a brush train that's positively regal! It's a really low US$119! Style Code: 00351  

If my picks just don't do it for you (sorry!) then don't worry, you can click here to check out our full range of yellow prom dresses which are just as good value!

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