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Import Tax. What Is It And How Can I Avoid It?

Import Tax. What Is It And How Can I Avoid It?

Here at OuterInner.com we always do everything we can to help you avoid paying extra on top of the cost of your item. In this blog we're going to look at the thorny issue of import tax and what we and you can do to avoid at least the worst of it, as well as what to do if you get charged!  

Death And Taxes

customs need to check goods and tax them
They say there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. Import tax is one kind of tax that you'll want to avoid. It's a tax that can be applied to goods that are imported from abroad because, as with all products sold in your country, your government wants its share. However, unlike with goods sold in your country which will automatically have tax added to them, imported goods aren't necessarily immediately taxed. Smaller items often won't be taxed at all, or only a little, at customs; so the trick is helping to get your package through customs without getting too much attention. Let me get this straight, you are importing goods when you buy from OuterInner.com and therefore you could pay import tax. BUT this doesn't mean you WILL pay tax, as there are millions of packages sent every day and only a fraction of them are taxed. I just thought it's right to try to help and give you some advice :-)  

What Can We Do To Help You Avoid Tax?

helping you avoid tax
We as a company are in Hong kong and China, so we can't guarantee you'll avoid tax, BUT we can help. Here's how:
  • We will add a price to the invoice which is fair, but likely to attract less tax if necessary. One point to consider is that in our experience dresses of around $180 or less can be invoiced at that cost without attracting extra tax so we won't change the price.
  • We will package large orders separately and send them in different consignments as this is likely to help them get to you easier. We will not charge more for doing this.
  • We do NOT state that items are gifts. This is far more likely to get you taxed.
  • If you have a special request for us when we are making your invoice and packaging the dress, please tell us and we will do it for you. But please note that if you choose to do this and end up paying unexpected tax, unfortunately we can't take the responsibility for that!

What If I Am Taxed?

anyone can be taxed
The first thing to do is not worry, import tax will seldom be large amounts. You will probably have to pay the delivery guy, or go to the depot later and pay. This is because delivery companies like DHL will pay the tax for you and then you need to pay them back. If you don't want to pay the tax then they will not give you your parcel. You may be able to complain to your local customs and see if it's possible to get the decision to charge tax changed or the amount lowered, but unfortunately we can't advise on further details about this as every country is different. If you ever have a question about tax or have been taxed and would like our opinion or advice then please feel free to contact us by sending an email to: INQUIRY@OUTERINNER.COM. We will give you our honest advice as far as we have knowledge to! Do remember that IF you are taxed this is likely to be a relatively low and affordable figure. In general our dresses would still be better value than those in a local store, even with a small tax payment added to them!  

Do You Have Any Specific Advice For Each Country?

advice for certain countries and areas
A lot depends upon your country or area's relationship with China. Here's what we DO know, which I hope can help you:
  • Packages sent to the USA very rarely get taxed.
  • Canada has recently become stricter and are increasingly charging tax, but not too high.
  • European countries are usually fairly strict, but the tax is not very high. We have had customers in the UK, Slovakia and Denmark who have been charged, but none were very high amounts.
  • African countries are strict, especially South Africa. Tax isn't necessarily high, but they do tend to focus on Chinese packages when taxing.
  • Australia and New Zealand very rarely charge tax.
  • Emerging nations such as South American countries and India are difficult to pin down. They are sometimes strict, but it's on a country by country basis and we can't know the customs policies for every country.
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