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12 Useful Blogs You May Have Missed From OuterInner.com (Part 2)

12 Useful Blogs You May Have Missed From OuterInner.com (Part 2)

girl who has enjoyed the tips
OuterInner.com is more than just a cool wedding, dresses and lingerie store! Every week we're writing lots of helpful blogs giving you some tips to keep you up-to-date with the latest dresses, styles and contests. You've already seen part 1 of the 12 useful blogs and here we're going to look at the last 6 blogs that you may have missed but are sure to enjoy!  

7. Einstein's Advice On Finding Unique Homecoming Dresses

Einstein advises you on homecoming dresses
Homecoming season is just once a year, but it gives you the same headache of finding a unique and fabulous dress to impress your friends. So we've taken the interesting leap of getting Einstein's advice on how to get the perfect homecoming dresses, he suggests trying something different to stand out from the crowd. So when you're ready to look for homecoming dresses take a look at this blog and you'll be all set!  

8. How To Choose Hot Lingerie That Looks And Feels Great

satin bustier
why can't you treat yourself to the great feeling that comes from wearing hot lingerie? It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mom, or a businesswoman. Not only does it feel great and look great, many girls just feel sexier knowing that they're in it! If you know which hot lingerie is most suitable for you then you may find yourself wearing it more and more and having a little smile knowing that you've got your own sexy secret on that day. Read the blog here to see the styles you'll love!  

9. Why To Wear A Bridal Garter To Your Wedding

bridal garter
In this blog we're going to take a look at a sweet and quaint tradition that you can follow to add some fun to your wedding. In this blog you'll learn what a garter is and some ways you can wear one at your wedding and engage in the traditional 'garter toss' that's a lot of fun!  

10. All You Need To Know About Wearing Smart Casual Dresses To Work...(And What To Avoid)

work-friendly smart casual cocktail dress
So you can wear more casual attire in your office...cool! But what to wear is sometimes a difficult question, as you neither want to appear too formal nor like a slob! In this case the word casual can be a bit of a trap, as the question really isn't how casual you can go, but which are relaxed enough to not look too stuffy or over-dressed yet still professional. If you want to boost your image at work then this blog is going to give you some great ideas about what and what not to do!  

11. Choosing Great Black Tie Event Dresses For Curvy And Plus Size Girls

curvy girl in black tie event dresses
So you've been invited to a formal or black tie party, but you don't have a suitable formal dress in your wardrobe? Just because you're a curvy or plus size girl doesn't mean that there aren't any black tie event dresses that would be suitable. In this blog we're going to look at some black tie event dresses that are suitable for curvy and plus size girls. Let's look at some great dresses for curvaceous beauties right here in this blog.  

12. Don't Kill Your Hot Lingerie! Care For It Like A Pro!

satin bicolor corset hot lingerie
  we want your sexy lingerie to last you as long as possible! So let's look at the best ways to wash and keep clean your hot lingerie here in this blog.   So don't forget to read Part 1 of this blog to get blogs 1 to 6 that you'll like!  
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