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'Tell Your Story' On Forums & Win FREE Gifts From OuterInner.com

'Tell Your Story' On Forums & Win FREE Gifts From OuterInner.com

Here at OuterInner.com we're going to tell you a story about sharing. Without sharing there would be no wheel, no philosophy, no bible and no facebook. In fact, if we humans didn't share what we knew, there would be no new inventions and we'd still be in the stone-age.
what no wheel?
So throughout history new ideas have been able to grow and flourish because people have discussed them with each other. The principle of sharing benefits is the same too. Just as the hunter-gatherer would share his knowledge of the most fertile hunting grounds with his fellow early man, YOU can share your knowledge of great places to shop with your friends to help them benefit in the same way that you did!  

Got 5 Minutes To Spare? Spread The Good Word About OuterInner.com On Forums!

A great way to spread the good word about great places to shop is to post your feedback and/or pictures on popular forums. These places are the modern day campfire, where you can share your juciest tidbits of gossip with like-minded travellers of the world wide web.
spreading the word about outerinner.com on forums to help others get a good deal
We know that a lot of our customers are happy with the cost and quality of their dresses and items that they've bought from OuterInner.com, but do you share this useful knowledge! We'd love to help you spread the good word and help fellow shoppers to get a good deal just like you did, so if YOU can share your happy opinion on a popular forum you'll be entered into a draw where you have a chance to win a FREE pair of shoes or a FREE jewelry set up to the value of $30! During 2 weeks (between March 26th & April 7th) you've got the chance to win one of these great prizes simply by posting your positive review or comment & a picture/s about OuterInner.com on a forum about dresses and weddings. If you can take 5 mins to post about us during this 2 weeks you'll be automatically in the running to win one of these great prizes!  

Everyone Wins!

twenty dollars of vouchers for every entrant
Best of all, we reward EVERY customer who posts their comment with a $20 voucher to use against their next purchase.  

What Can I Win?

you could win just for posting a comment on a forum
1st place: 1 FREE pair of shoes of your choice from OuterInner.com's catalog delivered for free! outerinner.com shoes 2nd & 3rd place: Jewelry Set up to the value of $30 from OuterInner.com's catalog delivered for free! outerinner.com jewelry sets

How to enter the competition:

Have you bought wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or occasions dresses from OuterInner.com before and got a picture or two? Then you can enter! Here's what to do: 1. Go to one of two forums and register as a member which is FREE and will take just a few moments. Here are the two forums you may choose to post on to enter the competition! http://www.weddingbee.com/ http://www.projectwedding.com/ (You'll need to post twice here to be able to post pics) 2. Write a new post, it MUST include a description about your shopping experience with OuterInner AND a picture or pictures of you or your friends wearing your OuterInner dresses. 3. You MUST send the link of your post to us at 'MKT@OUTERINNER.COM' so we know you have entered & can consider you for a prize. That's it! We'll draw the winners randomly from all of the posts of your reviews and picture/s, so just sit back and keep your fingers crossed!  

When is the competition running?

This competition starts NOW on the 23rd of March, and finishes on the 7th of Apr at 12pm Hong Kong time - so you have just over 2weeks to enter. Winners will be announced on our FB page after that time. We pick the winners at random from all entrants and our decision is final.  


don't forget these tips which can help you to post your comment
1. When you register on the forums you could check some other posts to get inspiration! Join the conversation with all the brides-to-be and other girls; we're sure you'll have fun! 2. We know many brides have bought dresses from us, but are still waiting for their wedding day and so don't have any formal pictures yet. However to enter this competition we will accept any pictures of you in your dress, even if it's just you trying it on in your bedroom! 3. These posts will give you a good idea of what your post should look like:
Wedding Bee:
a typical post on wedding bee that you can use for inspiration
Project Wedding:
a typical post on project wedding that you can use for inspiration 4. Don't forget to give replies to the people who comment how great you look in your dress ;-)   So are you ready to post your good comments and picture of your OuterInner.com dress and continue the ancient tradition of story-telling? As you can see you could be lucky enough to win shoes or jewelry, but you'll get $20 in vouchers at least! If you have any questions please let us know by asking in the comments section below :-)  
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