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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Sheri-Lea Willmer's Bridesmaid Dresses

Sheri-Lea Willmer's Bridesmaid Dresses

One of our customers, Sheri-Lea Willmer from Lawnton in Australia, has shared a lovely picture from her wedding with us. Here you can see her bridesmaids all wearing their bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner.com! Sheri-Lea had the right idea as they ordered these dresses together for the group of bridesmaids and they were in 'champagne' color. We've heard some brides say that they wouldn't choose champagne bridesmaid dresses as it's too close to white and will clash with their wedding dresses, but as you can see here it works really well and looks great!
Sheri-Lea's bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress in action
Sheri-Lea was delighted and wrote to us saying, "Dear OuterInner, thank you for my beautiful bridesmaid dresses.. They looked stunning :)" Don't they all look fantastic? Would you choose the same dress style for your bridesmaid dresses? Do you like the champagne color?  

I Want To Get The Same Bridesmaid Dresses For My Wedding!

If you love Sheri-Lea's bridesmaid dresses you can get the same style of dress for your wedding too! If you don't fancy 'champagne' color don't worry, it's available in many different colors!
Straps Sleeveless Greens Floor-length Bridesmaid Dresses Style Code: 02012 As you can see, the dress is shown here in green and it's just US$89! You can buy the dress by clicking its link here: Straps Sleeveless Floor-length Bridesmaid Dresses (Style Code: 02012)  

Ready to buy your own bridesmaid dresses? Just click that link to see our full range of surprisingly cheap and gorgeous dresses!

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