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Get Noticed With Red Prom Dresses

Why Red Prom Dresses Are The Color You Need In 2012

What does the color red mean to you? Is it something you'd wear regularly or do you normally avoid red? In this blog we're going to look at why you'll love prom dresses in red! Red is a very versatile color and although a lot of girls may find it a bit too strong for everyday wearing, when you consider that you can choose many hues including pinks, berries and different reds, there are in fact many, many options!
red tones
Can you imagine an event where you couldn't somehow wear one of these red tones? Thought not.  

Why Red Prom Dresses Can Get You Noticed

Prom is all about making an impression. You will be wanting to impress your date, your friends and all of the other attendees some of whom you're bound to know as well! One way to do this is by selecting and wearing really fantastic and unique prom dresses, but how can you be sure to be seen through the crowds? Red will help! No one can miss red, that's why it's international color of warning as well as being seen extensively in the animal kingdom where it's used as a warnign and to attract a mate!
poisonous frog with red warning markings
So if you choose red you're both putting a warning out to other girls and a notice to the guys there that you are hot!  

Match Red Lips With Your Prom Dresses

rooney mara matching red lips with a red gown
Here you can see Rooney Mara, star of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,' matching red lips perfectly with a red gown. This is a brilliant idea, as not only is red an important color for 2012, but red lips are really hot too, so you can combine these two super trends and really get yourself noticed!  

Some Red Prom Dresses From OuterInner.com

We are sure to keep our fingers on the trend pulse for you, so you'll find a lot of red prom dresses on site over at OuterInner.com. Let's take a look at a few of our favorites here:
Red Sweetheart Strapless Ball Gown Floor-length Prom Dresses This red ball gown style prom dress has the most fabulous skirt! Channel your inner star by rocking up in this one! It's just US$179 too! (Style code: 06585)  
A-line Ankle-length Strapless Sleeveless Prom Dresses I love that this prom dress is big on sparkle and has a wide belt which will really define your waist! The pinkish color is lovely too, fun enough to be great at a party, but girly enough to be cute! A bargain at only US$109! (Style code:06625)  
One Shoulder A-line Floor-length Sleeveless Prom Dress The one shoulder trend is BIG in 2012 and doesn't this dress just look so elegant and perfect? It's a great red tone and also has some extra sparkly detailing on the bust for that red-carpet feel. This dress can be yours for just US$124 (style code:05529)  
Will you be wearing red at prom this year? Which shade of red do you prefer? Are you also a fan of red lips? Let us know by commenting please!

Love these dresses and want to see more? Click this link and go to our prom dresses category where you can see a lot more reasonably priced and amazing dresses that you'll love!

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