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Dear OuterInner, If I Order Prom Dresses Now Can I Get Them In Time?

Can I Get Prom Dresses From You In Time?

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If you're attending prom soon then you're probably working hard to find prom dresses that you love! You may be aware that we offer more than 2000 different types of prom dress, but another important question is, "If I order a prom dress now, can I get it before my prom date?" As we come towards mid-March prom season is most certainly approaching, so it's important to know IF a prom dress is going to reach you on time. This is what we're going to look at in this informative blog:  

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Understand OuterInner's Delivery Policy

delivery time
When you shop with OuterInner.com you're ordering a dress which is going to be made especially for you from scratch. All of our dresses are crafted by hand for you because we don't keep a load of boring, generic dresses in a large warehouse somewhere. We're also in South China, so there is also the distance to consider. This means that it will take a little time to make and deliver your dress. Typically the delivery time will take processing (making) time + delivery (shipping) time.  

Processing Time

Your order will be in 'Processing' within 1 business day after the order payment's cleared. Please note that processing times may vary depending on what type of dress you order. For instance, a simple dress will almost certainly be faster to make than one that's very complex. Here are the typical processing (making) times for our different dresses & items:
  1. Standard occasions dresses
15-20 business days* to tailor your dresses by our professional dressmakers.  
  • Occasions Dresses with a 'Quick Delivery' label
  3-5 working days* to do the quality control and packing.  
  • Sexy Lingerie
  usually sent out in 3-5 working days*. *The actual processing time may extend if there are order details we need to confirm with you before/when we arrange your order.  

Delivery Time

This is the length of time that your dress will take to be delivered to you from us. The specific delivery time would be variable from your destination and the shipping method you choose. We will send you an email about estimated delivery time to your address right after we send out your order.
  • DHL Express: 5-7 post days (very often faster)
  • UPS: 5-7 post days (very often faster)
  • EMS: 10-15 post days
  • Standard Mail Post: 15-30 post days (this is the cheapest option, but also the slowest and least secure).
  1. DHL Express, UPS and standard mail post DO NOT support military and P.O. boxes as shipping addresses.
  • For return and replacement please understand that the shipping fee is charged by the third party logistic company, so we may not refund you the shipping cost for your order.
  So imagine if you are ordering a prom dress and choosing DHL as delivery service, it'll take up to 20 days to make and up to 7 days to deliver. Therefore total delivery time COULD be up to 27 days. However, it's rare that it takes this long - the vast majority of our deliveries are much faster than that! But of course we have to give an approximate time that takes into account every scenario, such as postal delays etc.  

"Dear OuterInner, Can I Get My Prom Dress By A Certain Date?"

can we deliver by a certain date?
YES, we can be sure to deliver your prom dress by a certain date. This is an important question and if you're considering ordering prom dresses from us today there are a few things you need to do. 1. Tell us the date you MUST receive the prom dress by when you order. You can do this by adding the date at checkout in the 'special instructions box.' 2. Order as EARLY as you can. This gives you plenty of time to get the prom dresses and avoid any last-minute hiccups. 3. If you're short on time use our RUSH ORDER service. You can speed up your prom dresses order by paying an extra $25. This will speed up total delivery time to approximately 15 to 20 days.  

Don't Miss This Useful Tip!

If you are shopping for prom dresses now we want to hear from you! The very best advice we can give you if you are at all unsure about IF your dress will reach you on time is to email our customer support team! They will also be able to advise you IF you need to choose the 'rush order' option.
This is because actually most prom dresses will take different amounts of time to 'process' (or make) and our customer support team can give you a more accurate timescale than our standard time given above (and it will probably be faster than you thought too!).  

Visit our range of fashionable prom dresses today!

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