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The 7 Key Tips For Every Bride Buying Wedding Dresses Online (part 1)

The 7 Tips Every Bride Needs To Read Before Buying Wedding Dresses Online (Part 1)

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If you're a bride and are considering buying wedding dresses from OuterInner.com or another online store instead of an expensive bridal boutique then you probably have a lot of questions! Our entire ethos is to make the decision to buy wedding dresses from us as easy as possible because we really understand that brides have enough stress and pressure in the build-up to their wedding day.
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So we always try to make everything as simple and transparent as possible and as an introduction we're going to go through our 7 tips that brides like you need to consider when you're shopping for wedding dresses. Here in part 1 let's look at tips 1 to 4:  

1. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

As with any important decision you need to give yourself plenty of time when searching through the many wedding dresses available online to find 'the one.' We always say that you should order as early as possible in order to cover any eventuality that may crop up. It's pretty normal for brides to need some minor alterations and you will need to try on the dress for fit when you receive it. Alterations aren't a major issue and we'll come on to it later, but they take a little time, so that's why ordering in advamce is helpful. Most importantly is that ordering online will require you to wait for delivery from wherever your dress is being made, so be sure to remember to tell us when your wedding date is and when you need to receive the dress at the latest so we can help to make it happen.
earlier is always better when ordering wedding dresses

2. Research first, buy second

If you charge into buying the first wedding dress that catches your eye then you might end up with an unpleasant surprise come the wedding day! You need to research which kinds of color, style and fit are suitable for you and have a look at some different options before you break out the credit card! We make it quite easy for you to do this research on our site though, as we offer a 'search filter' on our wedding dresses page which lets you narrow down your search very quickly and allows you to see only specific styles and features.
OuterInner's convenient filter search can help you track down your perfect wedding dress

3. Bridal Boutiques' Prices Are A Fairytale

A secret that local bridal boutiques don't want you to hear is that their wedding dresses are usually exactly the same as many that you can buy online, except that they sometimes charge 4 times more than their wholesale price to come up with the crazy price they want you to pay! At OuterInner.com we don't buy into this kind of fairytale pricing. We believe that brides should be rewarded with great value and dresses when they trust in us to provide them with these very important dresses. This is because we are based where the dresses are made, so we don't pass shipping costs and other 'hidden extras' onto our brides.
don't fall for fantasy pricing in bridal boutiques

4. Where Will Your Wedding Be?

The location of your wedding will have a very big impact on the style of wedding dress that you eventually choose. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Getting married on the beach? Traditional church wedding? There are so many options that you will certainly have some thinking to do, so consider styles that are appropriate for the location. For instance, would a wedding dress with a train be a good idea for a beach wedding? Perhaps not as it risks getting filthy, waterlogged and heavy which isn't ideal.
wedding dresses for beach weddings will be quite specific
So that's tips 1 to 4 for brides who're planning to buy their wedding dresses online. Don't miss part 2 coming soon! Do you have any tips to share with other brides? Share them by leaving a comment please.    

If you're ready to shop for wedding dresses then just follow that link to see our gorgeous and great value range!

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