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Sexy Lingerie! An Unlikely Way To Banish Body Issues, Or Is It?

Sexy Lingerie Is An Unlikely Source Of Help For Your Body Issues

Are you having one of those days where you look in the mirror and just think, "urgh?" It may surprise you to hear, but in fact sexy lingerie can help to make any problem areas look better!
girl looking in mirror
But how can this be? Isn't sexy lingerie something that you should only wear if you're feeling really confident and having a 'good body day?' Actually there are several types of sexy lingerie that can help conquer some common body worries. So not only do you look really sexy when wearing them, but you'll also feel more confident about yourself too!  

The Types Of Power Sexy Lingerie That You Need

So we already know that certain types of sexy lingerie can help your shape as well as keep you looking hot, but which are they? Keep reading as we run through them:


Corsets are an antique type of sexy lingerie that have been getting women into shape for hundreds of years! They work by pressing in your waistline to create a killer hourglass figure. They're commonly made from silk, satin and lace and can be worn with jeans as well as in the bedroom and so are a very versatile item of sexy lingerie!
pants or skirt with a sweetheart corset 07289 This corset can give you a great shape and covers enough to be far from trashy!  
Why you need a corset in brief:
  • Great for wobbly tummys
  • Perfect bridal lingerie for beneath a strapless wedding gown (as they offer support without straps)
  • A big fantasy for men, so your guy will love it


Tights are a must for any girl. There are simply loads of different styles, from fishnets to thick, wooley ones for winter. On the sexier side though, even fishnets can really tone up your legs as long as they're quite snug. So if you are suffering from flabby thighs and are reluctant to get them out in front of guys then just wear tights for an instant confidence boost.
full fishnet body stockings 07862 These fishnets don't hide your legs, but they will hide any imperfections. You can even leave them on to excite your man!  
Why you need tights in brief:
  • Dark colored tights will be slimming for thighs and legs
  • Even fishnest provide some coverage which can boost confidence
  • They're generally cheap
  • Tights worn with stilletos or heels are guaranteed to excite men


A chemise is a sexy gown that can often be quite sheer (see-through). They're good for girls who have a bit of a tummy as they cover your body while letting your partner imagine what's underneath which is quite exciting. Choose satin or silk for a really soft feel and team them up with a thong and tights for a sexy combination.
white sexy chemise dresses 03592 Cute, lacy and sexy. Keep it simple with a chemise.  
Why you need a chemise in brief:
  • Good for hiding a tummy
  • Usually made from soft materials which feels good on your skin and is very touchable
  • Tantalises your man by letting him imagine what is underneath

Sexy Adult Costume

How can role-play in sexy adult costumes help to make you feel better about problem areas or hide them? Simple! Firstly they are good fun and will distract you and your partner from any insecure thoughts as you immerse yourself into your fantasy. Do you remember playing 'dress-up' as a kid? Bet you really did think you were a princess, right? It's the same principle here. Secondly they probably cover a lot of your body and so can hide a multitude of sins! There are sexy adult costumes for almost any fantasy, so why not have a go?
adult role playing costumes 03438 The French maid, a classic which never gets old! Does your guy need a good cleaning?  
Why you need a sexy adult costume in brief:
  • It's good fun and can distract you from body insecurities
  • There are thousands of costumes that can cater for any fantasy
  • Choose a costume that covers problem areas
  • Men LOVE role-play


Teddies are a kind of body suit that's supported with spaghetti straps. They're frequently made from mesh or lace and so are a very flirty option. Once again, because of the coverage, this is a great item of sexy lingerie if you're shy about your body. Some will also come with a garter belt and so you can attach tights to them as a sexy bonus!
sexy adult dresses and lingerie 06898 As you can see this teddy gives you coverage, but is still really sexy. This proves that you don't need to flash the flesh to be sexy!  
Why you need a teddy in brief:
  • Teddies are very beautiful and lacy
  • Good for covering up your torso without hiding it totally
  • Team one up with thong and tights for an amazing sexy lingerie outfit
    There are many styles of sexy lingerie available from OuterInner.com, so we'd love to know which are your favorite? Do you also think that certain types can help with body issues? If so, which? Let us know by leaving a comment please!  

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