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Take A Chance On Short Prom Dresses And Score Big At Prom

Dare To Wear Short Prom Dresses

Are you excited that prom is coming? It's crucial that you find a unique, fashionable prom dress and you can certainly consider short prom dresses. This could be seen as a controversial tip as many people believe that short prom dresses aren't appropriate, or at least should be worn at different events. However, I'm going to dispel this myth and talk you through why they're great!
cute short prom dresses 05356 Here's a great example of short prom dresses: A-line Sweetheart Mini Applique Sleeveless Prom Dress (Style Code: 05356) US$114.00  

So Why Should I Wear Short Prom Dresses?

OK, so I've already told you that some people don't agree with short prom dresses, but here's why they need to be on your radar. How would you feel if you turned up to prom wearing a matching dress to a friend or girl you don't even know? It would be a disaster! Prom is maybe your first chance to dress in a formal, beautiful dress and really show your feminine side away from the classroom, so the last thing you want is the embarassment of a duplicate dress in your pictures!
shocked girl Avoid a nasty shock. Avoid duplicate prom dresses.  
So how do you avoid this shock? You choose an unconventional option such as short prom dresses! Then, you can rest assured that most other girls will go mainstream and follow the crowd, leaving you looking hot, fashionable and unique! It's not like a short prom dress is going to make you look silly. In fact, they're really sexy, so all you need to be is prepared to stand out from the crowd!  

Let's Take A Look At A Few Of Our Short Prom Dresses

If you're happy with the idea of short prom dresses then you can check a lot of them on our site at OuterInner.com. However, there are thousands of prom dresses, so I've picked out a selection of them to give you a few ideas of the kinds of short prom dresses that are waiting for you out there! Read on to take a look at my picks:   Remember, if you love any of these short prom dresses and want to get more information about them or buy them, just click on the picture of the one you like :-)
Mini One Shoulder A-line Sleeveless Short Prom Dresses

One-shoulder dresses are really hot and this dress also features shiny, metallic irridescent taffeta which is fashionable, so you're on to a winner with this dress. It's only US$99, so it's a good deal! (Style Code: 05969)

Blues Chiffon Short A-line Jewel Short Prom Dresses

There is something so cute about a jewel neckline,and as you may know, blue is a very important color this year so this short prom dress ticks a lot of boxes! Grab this one for just US$84! (Style Code: 00792)

Strapless and Sleeveless Prom Dress with Ruffles

I just love the airy skirt of this short prom dress. The light organza gives it some real volume which is cool and it also has a very attractive belt and sparkly detail. This dress is another bargain at only US$79! (Style Code: 00586)

Sleeveless Short Prom Dresses

Who said that short prom dresses couldn't be elegant? This is a very lightweight dress which as you can see is very airy and pretty. It also has the additional support of straps, so it's not too revealing. Get it for just US$74! (Style Code: 00446)

A-line Ruffles Short Prom Dresses

The tiered skirt on this dress is so cute and very now. Choose this dress in a hot color like blue or orange for maximum wow factor! It's a very cheap US$84! (Style Code: 00376)

Now tell us, which of these short prom dresses do you like? If you had to choose one which would you go for? Let us know by commenting please!  
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