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Share The Love! How To Review OuterInner.com & Get Money Off!

How To Review OuterInner.com

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A Happy Day

You've been waiting, looking forward to getting your hands on your new OuterInner.com package. Could it be an occasions dress or perhaps sexy lingerie? Finally, a couple of weeks or so have passed and the postman appears at your door and hands you your package, great! You greedily tear into the package to get at the beauty that's waiting inside and, joy, your dress is so beautiful! Thanks OuterInner!  

Why To Share Your Opinion About OuterInner.com

Are we a winner? Let everyone know! We know that you're placing a certain amount of trust in us when you choose us here at OuterInner.com to produce dresses and other items for you. Thank you for waiting patiently! There are a few good reasons to review us:
  • Tell your friends about a good store. It's great to share your thoughts with your friends, especially if you're buying, say, bridesmaid dresses as a group. Then they will also get some good tips about reliable online stores.
  • You're happy with OuterInner's service and want to tell us. We're not some huge, faceless, multinational that doesn't care about you. We're a small and friendly team and always love to hear from our customers. That's why if you'd like to share some words and pictures of you in your dresses with us we'll write them up and publish them in your very own blog post!
  • Tell the story of your wedding and your dresses. In the case of weddings we know that you've spent many painstaking hours planning them so they are perfect. So why not let everyone know the results of your efforts by sharing your story and your thoughts about and pictures of your wedding or bridesmaid dresses?
  • We'll give you a $20 voucher to use against your next purchase! We reward customers who review us, so if you are prepared to take 5 minutes to jot down your thoughts then we'll get a voucher to you as a thankyou! (Voucher valid for 6 months, so you have plenty of time to use it. We will email it to you, so remember to give us your email address.)

I'm Happy, So How Do I Review OuterInner.com Then?

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We suggest several different ways for you to review OuterInner.com, and you can find all of these in an easy-to-read place on our facebook page.
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Click on this tab on the OuterInner.com Facebook page!   There are 4 ways you can spread the good news:
  1. Go to Reseller Ratings and leave your review in our section. This site is perfect for any product and is open to people all around the world: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/OuterInner
  • Email us a picture or a few pictures of yourself in your OuterInner.com dress along with a short description about what you thought of the dress itself and the shopping experience with us to: mkt@outerinner.com we will publish this on-site as a blog post to spread your good news.
  You will need to register on those websites above, but it only takes a moment or two and is FREE. After you post your review please send us the link (where the review is) and we will email your voucher to you :-D

Thank You For Choosing OuterInner.com!

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