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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Ivette Hood's Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses

Real Customer Reviews: Ivette Hood's Wedding

It was really exciting to receive a whole bunch of beautiful pictures from our happy customer Ivette Hood from Port St. Lucie in Florida. She purchased not only her wedding dress from OuterInner.com, but also her bridesmaid dresses too! So from everyone here at OuterInner we'd like to pass on our congratulations and BIG thanks to Ivette and her family for making us a part of their special day!
Ivette and husband with wedding dress Don't Ivette and her husband look happy and perfect?  

OuterInner.com Knows That Your Wedding Is Important

It's a privilege indeed that Ivette chose OuterInner to supply her wedding's dresses. We know that your wedding dress is the most important dress you'll ever wear, so when we receive an order for one we take the whole process very seriously. We understand that brides have enough to worry about and organize before their big day, so by choosing OuterInner to handle your dress we intend to take the stress out of it for you and allow you to get on with other things. After you place that order we will:
  • Keep in close contact by email and phone so you know what's happening every step of the way.
  • Can send you pictures of the dress BEFORE we ship it so you can get an early look and help us to resolve any issues or questions you may have about it.
  • Be sure to make it totally clear about the time it's going to take to make your wedding dress and the estimated time of arrival with you.

Ivette's Wedding Pictures

So Ivette shared a lot of pictures with us, and if you love her wedding dress too, or the bridesmaid dresses that she chose, then please click on the pictures or links to go to those product pages on our site where you can buy it for yourself :-D!
wedding dress in detail So beautiful!  
bride walks to wedding The bridal procession going to the wedding. You can also see the bridesmaids in their OuterInner dresses here too :-)  
wedding Fabulous sunset at the time of the wedding.  
wedding dress train Isn't this a fantastic scene to look out upon when you get married? You can also see the train of the dress in detail here.  
happy couple So happy and looking fantastic!  
wedding dress Looking so happy together! It must have been a lovely day!  
Ivette with one of her bridesmaids Here you can see Ivette and one of her bridesmaids, both looking so happy and proud! We are happy as our dresses look so great on them!  
So, once again, congratulations and thanks to Ivette and we hope that everyone loves her pictures; we sure did!   If YOU love Ivette's dress you can buy it by clicking this blue link to the wedding dress here (or search for style code: 05064 on our site). It's just $219 and looks gorgeous we think you'll agree! If you think her bridesmaids look perfect in their dresses, then click this blue link to her bridesmaid dresses and you can also grab them for yourself! These lovely dresses are just $64 each and are style code 02857 if you're searching for them on site.   Would you choose her wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses? Let us know in the comments please!  

Now Please Tell Us What You Think Of The New OuterInner.com

We've made a lot of changes to the site and we think it's much easier for you guys to shop with us as well as it just being a much nicer site! But it's what YOU think that matters. Your opinion really matters to us, so please, please could you help us out by clicking here to take our survey? This will only take a few moments and it will help us to make further changes to the site and really perfect it :-) Thank you!  
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