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It's Time To Start Looking For Prom Dresses!

Be First Out Of The Blocks To Look For Prom Dresses

While it isn't yet time for prom, Spring is fast approaching already and so if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, now is the time to start looking for prom dresses. You don't want to rush into buying a prom dress last minute as it's really likely you'll end up with a dress you don't like, or worse, one that's not unique!
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Prom is a really important event and is a really lovely chance to go to town with your outfit and makeup to really impress your friends and the boys! But as a formal event it requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and shop for formal dresses which you may not be accustomed to wearing. Let's look at what goes into the prom and how to choose prom dresses here:  

Why You Should Choose Prom Dresses Which Are Right For Your Shape

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Before the event there will usually be a runway (the pre-dance promenade) where you're going to be showing off yourself, your date and your friends. Therefore you need to be sure that you look your best! Here at OuterInner.com we always suggest that you become familiar with the styles of prom dresses that suit your shape! Flattering styles are key, because although you may love the kinds of dresses that your favorite celebrity wears there's no guarantee that you will also look good in them. So now is the time to take your time to try on different styles which make you look good and show off your own best features.  

Experiment To Find Your Ideal Dress

So in these months running up to prom you can take some time to try on different prom dresses in local stores to get a feel for which styles suit you best. This is free, but our tip is to then hit online stores like ours armed with your ideas where you can pick up prom dresses far more cheaply than in town! The three main areas to focus on are color, dress style and neckline.


Choosing a suitable color is very much up to your taste. Recent trends have leaned twards bright colors like orange, but a good tip is to focus on your eye color. For instance, if you have green eyes, try wearing some different shades of green to see which suit you best. If you find one that really makes you skin tone pop then it could be a good choice for your prom dresses color.

Dress Style

The style is the shape of the dress. There are many different styles, such as A-Line, Empire, Sheath, Princess and so on. Once again, you'll need to try a few on to know which suits you, but as a rule the style should flatter your body shape and be comfortable. Choosing a super-tight 'Kim Kardashian style' dress isn't going to work if you're not in a similar shape to her for instance, so you'll be better of choosing a style that makes you look great. Read this article on dress styles to get some more ideas on which style to choose.


The neckline of the dress you choose is also important, as different necklines will suit different shapes, especially in the bust area. Only you can decide which neckline is good for you, but remember that prom dresses should be flattering and so a neckline that shows off or enhances your bust will be the aim for you.
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So are you ready to start looking for prom dresses? Put some thought into choosing a dress that's ideal for you and you'll look a million dollars when you're walking down the red carpet and will be left with fantastic memories to last a lifetime! What are your favorite types of prom dresses? Do you have any tips to share on finding a great one? please share them with us as a comment below :-)  

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