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The New OuterInner.com Is Here! Be Ready For Our New, Improved Site!

New Year, New OuterInner.com!

You know what they say, "Out with the old, in with the new!" Whilst there was nothing wrong with the old OuterInner.com we felt that there were many changes we could make to it for the better and also received feedback about certain areas of OuterInner.com from you guys. Our new year's resolution was to offer you the best site we can!
new years resolution
Some changes were small and some really big, but the main point was to make the site more user-friendly and make your experience much better :-D Here are some of the key changes:
  • New user interface (so now it's easier to get around the site and see what you want, when you want to)
  • Better looking site, with a fresh, uncluttered 'look'
  • Sharing options galore! Ever wanted to share that wonderful dress with your friends when you saw it? Now you can! Each product has share buttons on its page and that means you can directly share the item onto facebook etc along with your thoughts! This would be useful when shopping for a group of bridesmaid dresses for instance, as you could simply share the item with the other girls and get their opinion in real-time!
  • Multiple currency options. No more messing about converting currencies, as we now offer USD, CAD, AUD, GBP and EUR as standard on OuterInner.com. Just choose your currency and every item will be displayed using it for your convenience
  • More product information in one place. Every item has color and size info on its page, which again improves the shopping convenience for you
  • Better site performance. It's a faster, more powerful site and that should minimize loading times freeing up your time for other things

Your new OuterInner.com

outerinner.com home page view
As you can see on this main page, we're kicking things off with some great offers to celebrate our new site's launch! You'll also see (on the left) that the dresses are organised into sensible categories, such as 'wedding' and 'prom season.' This will help you track down the right dress or item.  

Multiple currency options

You asked, we listened. Now for the first time you're able to change the currency displayed on the whole site just by selecting which currency is most convenient for you. Nice, huh?  

Find the item you want very quickly

category drop down menu
On every page you'll see this category bar which just drops down revealing all of our categories for both outer and inner. This means that navigating between different types of products just became quick and easy!  

Easy to use product page

product page
We have worked hard to make the product page easier to use. Now it's simple to see all of the different color and size options and you'll also notice the extensive sharing options that allow you to post your favorite dresses and lingerie onto your social media pages like facebook and Google+  

Get in touch easily

ask question box
Ever seen an item and had a question about it just spring to mind? There is now an 'ask question' tab on each page which allows you to immediately ask this question and fire it off to our customer support. This means that you can get a faster answer and also that you won't forget your question while you're shopping around.  

When is the new OuterInner.com going to be online?

It should be available on the 1st of January 2012 for most users, but it may take some time for our server to update, so if you don't see the new site straight away don't worry as it will be coming soon, certainly within a day or two at most. Look out for videos on the new Outerinner.com which are also going to be available on site and our outerinnerclub youtube channel and if you have any questions or comments about our new site please let me know in the comments below ;-)
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