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Avoid Looking Like A Jersey Shore Extra & Freezing At New Year

How Not To Dress At New Years Eve

As time marches on to the close of the year millions of girls around the globe are going to go out and squeeze into a ridiculously impractical dress that won't keep them warm enough! Here at OuterInner.com we're saying enough's enough and so in this blog we're going to look at some new year's eve dress options that won't make you look like Snooki from Jersey shore and should keep you warmer too!
snooki from jersey shore Just...say...no  
Massively plunging necklines, acres of sequins and incredibly high hemlines can be fun, but they're just not going to cut it from a comfort point of view. Especially if you're enjoying new year in colder climes! You wouldn't go out in very low temperatures wearing next to nothing at any other time, so why now? Some say that it is very hot in bars and clubs, especially when they're packed, but how about when you're outside or travelling to and from home? Exposing so much skin doesn't have to be the answer to staying a little cool in a hot bar though. So let's look at some more fun, but sensible occasions dresses that will be better at new year!  

Try a slightly longer skirt

Party dresses don't have to be little more than a belt, so to feel more comfort try a slightly longer hemline.
Strapless Printed Short Quick Delivery Dress This floral print sheath dress ($89, Style Code:06547) isn't long, but it's still long enough to stay a bit warmer. The floral print is really cool and very 'now' too.  

Higher necklines will be nice

Also don't forget your neckline and shoulders. A strapless dress isn't going to be very warm, so consider a dress like this Bateau Sleeveless Beading Detailed Quick Delivery Dress ($99, Style Code:06529) which is going to cover you up a bit more whilst still looking elegant and sexy.
Bateau Sleeveless Beading Detailed Quick Delivery Dress  

How about long sleeves?

The comfort benefits of long sleeves, especially when it's cold, is obvious. A cool idea is a tee style sheath ($59, Style Code:06466) like this one:
Long sleeves T-shirt Sleeve type Black Sheath Scoop Mini Evening Wear If you feel that you especially need a very short skirt, then this tee dress is a great option with its long sleeves!  

A faux-fur shrug will keep you toasty outdoors

Of course no one wants to go out dressed like a polar explorer, but on the other hand you need something to cover your shoulders a little outside. Fur shrugs are really fashionable right now, but of course make sure that you choose faux-fur to be a responsible citizen of the world!
faux-fur shrug
So, if before you'd started reading this blog, I'd told you that I was going to recommend a dress for new year's eve to you that had long sleeves, a high neckline and a skirt that wasn't too short, you'd probably have though I was crazy! But as you can see, it is possible to get a fantastic party dress without having to freeze (or look like a reality TV star)! What kind of dress are you wearing this new year's eve? Let us know below please! Don't miss out on our BRAVO Christmas And New Year Offer where you can get a tasty 30% off the cost of your items if you enter the code 'bravo' at checkout from now 'til the end of December 2011. There are also a variety of other offers on specific categories as part of this offer too, so take a look today as you'll be likely to find a real bargain! :-)
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