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BRAVO offer for Christmas & New Year. Rewarding YOU, our customers!

christmas and new year gift
We're approaching Christmas and are well into the holiday season for 2011 and so now it's time for everyone here at OuterInner.com to share your gift with you!

Your gift is the 'Bravo' offer!

Why bravo? Well, in the old days people would shout 'bravo' at the theatre or opera to show their appreciation and that's what we're saying to you, our loyal customers, who have supported us throughout 2011! So if you click on the BRAVO offer you'll be taken to another page which outlines all of your options for savings, and there are many!
xmas ny offer
As you can see above on this shot of the page you'll go to, there are a series of options, but the main offer is that if you use the code BRAVO at checkout then we'll deduct 30% from the cost of your goods, no matter if it's a bikini, bra, pair of shoes or wedding dress!
bravo code word
But there are also pictures of our different categories and as you roll over these pictures the special offer that you can get, such as free shipping on jewellery will be revealed, so have a look!
happy new year image
So, happy holidays from OuterInner.com and we'll see you soon in 2012 :-)
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