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Choosing Great Black Tie Event Dresses For Curvy And Plus Size Girls

Black tie event dresses for the fuller figured girl

So you've been invited to a formal or black tie party, but you don't have a suitable formal dress in your wardrobe? Just because you're a curvy or plus size girl doesn't mean that there aren't any black tie event dresses that would be suitable. In this blog we're going to look at some black tie event dresses that are suitable for curvy and plus size girls:
curvy girl in black tie event dresses

"I know I'm curvy, but what's my shape?"

Every girl has a different body shape, so regardless of what dress size you are it's important to know your body shape in order to know what kind of dress is going to suit you best. In general the more curvaceous amongst us will be either pear, apple or hourglass shapes.
body shapes
The way to find out your shape before you shop for black tie event dresses is either to get measured with a tape, or you could go for some DIY action and stand in front of a mirror and write points where your shoulders, waist and hips are with a felt pen. If you then join these up this should illustrate your shape :-) Here at OuterInner.com we usually say that curvy and plus size girls will benefit from A-Line or Empire style dresses. This is because these dresses have a relatively high waistline that not only gives you a defined waistline, but also means that their skirts flow down and skirt over rather than hugging your curves, whether they be at your waist, hips or thighs. This means that there are no bulges and you'll have a great, sleek silhouette.  

Empire black tie event dresses

Empire style dresses have been around since the 19th Century where they were made popular by figures such as Queen Victoria of Great Britain. They are characterized by their very high waistline that sits just under your bust and are perfect for hiding tums, bums, hips and thighs!

Empire black tie event dresses for busty girls

black tie event dresses with v neck
This dress has that classic Empire shape, but is great for bustier girls too with its V-neckline!

Empire black tie event dresses for smaller busts

black tie event dresses with spaghetti straps
Spaghetti straps are ideal for smaller busts.

Empire black tie event dresses for anyone

black tie event dresses with scoop neck
A scoop neckline is perfect for any shape.   If you like what you see, but need more Empire dress options then you can shop for our empire black tie event dresses here!  

A-line black tie event dresses

A-line is another very forgiving and versatile shape, and it takes its name from its shape. the waistline is also somewhat high and the skirt will usually flow down and a little outwards to make the dress look like a capital A shape. Did you know that this style was famously invented by legendary French designer Christian Dior in 1955?

A-line black tie event dresses for busty girls

a-line black tie event dresses with sweetheart neckline
Sweetheart necklines can also really show off a bigger bust, and if you choose a dress with built-in support then you'll get a boost for amazing cleavage too!

A-line black tie event dresses for smaller busts

a-line black tie event dresses with jewel neckline
A jewel neckline will actually emphasize your bust, so for smaller busts it's a good choice.

A-line black tie event dresses for everyone

a-line black tie event dresses with square neckline
A square neckline is great for large busts too, but also nice for any other shape.   Love these A-line dresses? Click here to shop for all of our A-line black tie event dresses!   So do remember that these necklines are available in all kinds of dresses, but I've given these dresses as examples just to show you a selection of some of the dresses that you can wear to a formal party if you're curvy or plus size. So to recap, choose an A-line or Empire dress and then one of the necklines that I've suggested here that corresponds to your bust size and you'll look wonderful at your party! Also we've got your size! OuterInner offer from sizes US 2 to 28 as standard, but we can custom make any size ;-) Want to save 65% off the price of your OuterInner dress? Now you can! Watch this video now to see how the OuterInner.com 'Holiday Group On Offer' works:
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