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Are You Ready For A 'Trash The Dress' Wedding Dresses Shoot?

Wedding Dresses: Trash The Dress With OuterInner.com

trash the dress wedding dresses

What Is 'Trash The Dress?'

If you're wondering what we mean by 'trash the dress' and what this has got to do with your wedding and wedding dresses then you'll love this blog! 'Trash the dress' or TTD, is a relatively new fashion that's started to become increasingly popular in the States and elsewhere in the world. As the name suggests this is where the bride trashes her dress all in the name of getting some really amazing pictures! The bride will usually pull on her wedding dress for one last time and head out to the beach, wood or lake with a photographer. Here she'll proceed to trash her dress. Brides have a chance to go wild and tear their wedding dresses, splash bleach on them, roll in the dirt and generally get messy! Perhaps surprisingly, these pictures look amazing, so let's see what you need to trash your wedding dress!  

Why Would I Want To Trash My Wedding Dress?

trash the dress shot
As I mentioned and as you can see from the pictures, trashing your dress will lead to some absolutely wonderful shots that are as playful as they are artistic! Trash The Dress isnt supposed to be a mean or wasteful event, rather it's a way to let off some steam after what will probably be a very hard, but rewarding day. Anyone who's already got married will tell you that it's generally not an easy day! On the one hand you're dealing with a whole bunch of emotions, you're tired, your mouth aches from smiling for pictures. In fact, most brides have already had hours upon hours of stress and preparation before the wedding to make sure that it runs smoothly and is everything they'd dream of. There are guests to look after, catering to plan, outfits to order and venues to book. All of this is necessary, but where's the chance to relax and have some fun? Provided you can bear to part with it (or buy an extra bargain wedding dress especially for trashing), then a TTD shoot is a great way to have a bit of fun and release some stress after your wedding.  

Which Wedding Dresses Are Appropriate For A TTD Shoot?

trash the dress wedding dress
So, ready to do a TTD shoot now? You might wonder what kind of wedding dresses are appropriate? In truth your Vera Wang dress that costs several thousand dollars probably isn't the right choice and your family's wedding dress that was passed down through the generations is also a no-no! We love wedding dresses here at OuterInner.com and we certainly don't suggest that you consider our dresses solely for trashing in a photoshoot, however the truth is that they're much cheaper than designer brands that you'll find in a local bridal store. This means that after the dust has settled from your wedding and you're wondering if you should do a 'trash the dress' shoot, it'll be an easier decision if your wedding dress was already cheap! Once again, OuterInner.com's bargain wedding dresses give even more benefits, because you can get this bargain wedding dress from us starting from just $74!
Sleeveless Empire & A-line Court Train White Wedding Dress
So, this could even be bought especially for a TTD shoot!  

What Kind Of 'Trash The Dress Shoot' Should I Choose?

trash the dress shoot
The classic TTD shoot takes place on the beach. Here you and your new husband can run off into the sea at sunset and roll around in the surf. These pictures in both color and black and white would look amazing. This might not totally trash your wedding dress, but it will make it filthy to the point where it may not recover its original color! Perhaps you could have a paint fight with the groom with tins of neon paint? This would be even better if you then did some shots in a darkened area under a black-light! definitely one for the ravers amongst us! Another fun idea is to go all barbarian and tear each other's clothes to shreds. We think that pictures where the bride's stood in a ragged dress, perhaps subtly showing a hint of wedding lingerie are both edgy and sexy. It IS possible to be a little less destructive and still enjoy a TTD shoot. If this is more for you then perhaps try posing in some odd and grimy environments. Possible locations could include derelict buildings, garages, on a motorcycle and in a junk yard. Basically though you can choose anywhere that's edgy and post-apocalyptic, and don't forget to request the pictures in black and white, as these come out really well!
So, if you were about to pack up your wedding dresses for good, think again. Perhaps a 'trash the dress' shoot could be just the thing for some lasting memories! Do you like TTD shoots and pictures? Would you trash your dress? What's your idea for a trash the dress shoot? Let us know by leaving a comment below!   Want to save 65% off the price of your OuterInner dress? Now you can! Watch this video now to see how the OuterInner.com 'Holiday Group On Offer' works:
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