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Mascara Masterclass: Tips To Get Fabulous Lashes Worthy Of Hollywood.

Mascara Masterclass

Here at OuterInner.com we know that a dress doesn't make an outfit. that's why today we're going to look at one of the most important types of makeup that can really help to complete your look and complement any occasions dresses that you might be wearing. If you don't really use mascara yet, or not much, then this blog is a masterclass for you! If you are already a mascara pro, then hopefully you'll still pick up one or two tips along the way! We're going to look at the basic technique of applying mascara and some tips to help you get lashes that really pop:

How To Apply Mascara

There is a 3 step guide to applying perfect mascara everytime:
  1. Start by wriggling the mascara wand from side to side at the base of your eyelashes. This puts down a layer of mascara there which will actually make the lashes look longer and length is what you want!
  • Next you need to pull the wand forward and out of your lashes and again keep wriggling it from side to side as you do this. This wriggle motion will actually be useful as it separates your lashes and gives you that film-star look.
  • Finally, you need to remove any clumps and you do this by closing each eye and running the wand through the top of your lashes from base to tip.
  These steps will give you amazing red carpet lashes which are both long and defined.  

Mascara Tips

Ever wondered how the stars get those perfect lashes that just pop? These extra tips will help you recreate their star style:
  • Avoid clumps by wiping off excess mascara before applying, so if you see any gloopy bits then wipe them off!
  • Get the MOST defined lashes possible by using a lengthening mascara first and then adding a thickening mascara afterwards. This will take twice as long, but will look twice as good! Don't let the first layer dry before you add the second layer or you will suffer from clumps.
  • Instrument of torture or important accessory? It's the latter. Always use a lash curler. Some say before applying, some say after, but the main concensus seems to be that you just should either way!

Mascara 101 Video Tutorial

When it comes to applying makeup there's no better way to learn than actually being shown by someone. Luckily I've managed to dig up a great video on Youtube which shows you how and features many of these tips:
What are your favorite types of mascara? Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below please!
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