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Read This Blog And Save Money! The 10 Items NOT To Buy On Black Friday.

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Everything's Always At Its Cheapest On Black Friday, Right?

According to dealnews.com that may not actually be the case, as even though the prices for certain items are 'reduced' on black friday, bigger reductions often come after the holiday season. Of course, prices are always low at OuterInner.com, especially during this holiday season 2011 with the holiday group on offer which allows savings of up to 65% and the pre-holiday sale where prices start at just $39 for a new dress! But I thought this article was interesting for everyone just in case you had your eye on buying something other than formal dresses from OuterInner.com. Basically the blog deals with the 10 most popular items that in fact AREN'T cheaper on black friday and I'll run through dealnews.com's top 10 items to avoid right here:
  1. Toys: Black Friday isn't the best time to buy toys for the holidays. They'll likely still be discounted, and it may feel pretty good to get your shopping done early, but you won't love that sinking feeling you'll get when you see those toys even cheaper about two weeks before Christmas.
  • Top-Brand TVs: Black Friday is an excellent time to get a cheap TV, but don't expect the best deals to be flooded with brand-name sets (Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic etc). Those will come later.
  • 2012 Calendars: Wait until the end of January or early February to see the first significant discounts on 2012 calendars.
  • Christmas Decorations: While you'll get fantastic deals on Christmas items the closer you get to the holiday itself, and of course after the holiday, you can still score a relatively good deal if you skip Black Friday and shop on Cyber Monday for these festive goods.
  • Jewelry: This entire category is flagged "do not buy" for the holiday season. Jewelry is a very popular choice as a gift to loved ones during the holidays, therefore stores are reluctant to give good deals on them. Wait if you can!
  • The North Face Denali Jacket: This is one of the brand's most-popular standard styles, and its price will go up and down as new colors are released each season. But the lowest prices we've seen on this style in the past three years have come in the late spring through summer months (with the occasional outliers). This goes for many winter clothes, so try and shop for them in the summer!
  • Roku 2 XS Media player: Last year there was an excellent offer on Black Friday from Amazon for this best-seller, but then an even better deal (again from Amazon, for $8 less and bundled with a streaming media credit) came along in mid and late December. Therefore, we'd recommend holding out until December for the Roku 2 XS this year.
  • Game Console without a Bundled Item: Bear in mind that the Xbox and Playstation are getting old now, but if you want to buy one just make sure that you're getting a sizeable free gift card or a few top-name game titles with your purchase. (Price check the games though, as you might be able to get the bundle cheaper if they happen to be on sale over the Black Friday weekend.)
  • Winter Apparel: There are some vouchers and coupons to spend on clothing over Black Friday weekend. Use these coupons on items that are already heavily discounted in the sale section to get the greatest value; winter apparel will see better base discounts in January.
  • Watches: Just like jewelry, there are better deals on watches during the spring and particularly during the summer.
    So if you were thinking of buying one of these 10 items then maybe now you'll consider holding on for a while in order to get bigger savings. You can read the full article from dealnews.com here.   Want to save 65% off the cost of any OuterInner.com occasions dresses? Join our amazing Holiday Group On Offer today! Check out this video:
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