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10 Warm And Fashionable Clothing Tips For This Winter

10 Warm AND Fashionable Clothing Tips For This Winter

Christmas is coming and winter is well and truly upon us (in the Northern hemisphere) and temperatures are dropping! OuterInner.com has put together a list of 10 warm and fashionable clothing tips which will help keep you warm and looking good in winter, so read on if your winter wardrobe is chillier than a snowman's pocket and uglier than the grinch:  

1. Layer Up

onion pic
This is more a practical tip than fashion-related as no one likes feeling cold. If in doubt wear more layers than less as you can always take one off if needed, but you can't put more on once you're out and about. Wearing layers is great for staying warm as the layers trap some warm air between them and insulate you from the cold. Consider wearing a vest under your t-shirt and then an overcoat of some kind. The good news is that you can also wear your favorite summer clothes for longer if you're layering!  

2. Leggings Are A Versatile Must

leggings warm and fashionable clothing
Leggings are fun, warm and fashionable clothing during the winter. You have loads of options, including tights, thigh-highs, knee-highs and many choices of fabric. Not only are there many types, but there are also so many colors and this means that you can match your leggings to ANY outfit! If you want to get a look that's a bit different then try some patterned tights, perhaps a herringbone or fishnet, as these look a little unusual and can give you a unique look.  

3. Stick With Natural Materials.

Natural materials like cotton and wool are great for winter clothes as they are both warm and light. There are some fabulous kinds of wool available these days too such as angora or alpaca wool! These more modern wools are soft, light and not at all itchy, so try a nice sweater or scarf made of them this winter!
angora sweater A typical angora sweater...mmm, toasty.  

4. Go Wild With Prints

print top
A lot of winter clothing is rather bright and this gives you an excuse to try out some really funky prints! There are a lot of plaid, animal and floral prints about at the moment so take your pick!  

5. Indulge In Woolly Boots

woolly boots
Everyone knows brands like 'Uggs,' and these kind of boots are super warm and uber fashionable! They are quite expensive, but they'll last forever if you keep them clean and they're so chic that you can match them with jeans or skirts.  

6. Faux Fur Is Great For Formal Outfits

faux fur coat
If you're wearing formal dresses, say to an office Christmas party, then a faux-fur coat will be perfect this winter. We hate real fur of course, but there is some lovely faux-fur around now and you can wear it guilt-free!  

7. Infinity Scarves Are Brilliant!

infinity scarf
Have you heard of infinity scarves yet? They are like a circle with no annoying dangly ends that get trapped in the car door, dip in the sink and flap around in your face when it's windy. They're in right now and should be on your shopping list!  

8. Don't Overheat And Sweat!

sweating snowman
Many girls wrap up so warm that they're in fact too hot! Believe it or not this will make you colder! You can be too warm though, as if you get too warm you'll start sweating. If it's really cold out then this sweat will cause you to get cold as any moisture on your body will cool quickly (which is its whole point). Make sure that you're wearing some layers next time you're on a monster shopping trip so that if all the walking makes you start to sweat you can open or remove a layer and cool down just a little!  

9. Massive Winter Coats Are Deeply Unflattering

huge winter coat
Winter is a time for many to break out their huge, long winter coats. STOP! These will give you a really bad profile, hiding your own natural figure. A better idea is to choose a short winter coat and avoiding too much bulk in areas that already have some, such as your bust.  

10. Double Up With Leggings And Tights To Wear Skirts All Winter

winter outfit with skirt
There's no need to leave your skirts in the wardrobe gathering dust over winter. Just use this tip and stay warm! Put on a pair of tights, then put on a pair of leggings over them. Sounds crazy? Well, you'll feel like you're wearing pants, but will have the nice profile of tights that goes so well with skirts and long sweater skirts. Try it!   So are you ready for winter? Which clothes do you consider to be the ideal warm and fashionable clothing in winter? Do you have any tips that you always follow every winter that you can share? Let us know by leaving a comment below please!   Want to save 65% off the cost of any OuterInner.com occasions dresses? Join our amazing Holiday Group On Offer today! Check out this video:
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