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How To Save Up To 65% With OuterInner.com's Holiday Group On Offer

Holiday Group On Offer Is Here!

Did you ever wish that it were possible to get occasions dresses even cheaper at OuterInner.com? As you know we try to keep prices as low as possible, but we understand that money is tight these days and with Christmas approaching everyone is hunting for ways to save even more money. Well, we have great news for you! Holiday Group On Offer is now here!
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BIG Savings

Basically Holiday Group On Offer is our 'group-buying' scheme which allows you to save even more money on ANY OuterInner.com dresses by buying them as a 'team' with your friends, colleagues and family. It doesn't matter if you want to order one wedding dress or four bridesmaid dresses; you can still save with group on! When we say BIG savings we mean it, as we're giving you the opportunity to save up to 65% off the cost of ANY dress. The savings are in steps though, so even if you don't know loads of people who want to buy a dress then you can still get a decent saving:
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As you can see, even if you and just one other person order a dress each using the same holiday group on offer code then you'll both receive a 25% discount which isn't bad at all! :-D  

How Do I Join Holiday Group On Offer?

It's easy! To join this offer you and your friends need to use the same code when buying a dress AND pay with PayPal.
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Let's look at how it all works: Your 'Holiday Group On Offer Code' is very important, as it's how we work out your discount.
  • Each group or team needs to use the SAME code, as then we will know how many people ordered with it and can work out your discount. DON'T get individual codes. Speak to your friends and then one person get the code and give to everyone else.
  • Discounts are based upon the number of people that used one code, not the total number of dresses that were ordered.
  • Group on codes are valid for 2 weeks from the day that the code was requested. This gives you time to pass the code around to your friends and for everyone to place an order.
  After the 2 weeks are up then we will not accept more people's orders using this code and will count up the number of people who used that code to work out your group's discount and then start refunding them based up on this number.  
  • Orders placed WITHOUT a group on code will be charged the regular price, so don't forget to add the code at checkout.

OK, Where Do I Get My Holiday Group On Offer Code?

You can get your code right here on the Group On page:
group on code button location
Then shop as normal and when you find a dress that you'd like to order and get a discount on go to the checkout as usual, BUT before you click 'place my order' please remember to add your group on code and your name in the special instructions box as below:
info to enter for group on

Why Do I Have To Pay With PayPal?

We ask everyone to pay with PayPal as we refund your discount here. That's because it's fast and easy for you to get your money back and it's impossible for us to refund you directly to your bank account. If you don't have a PayPal account they're free and easy to set up, so join today and visit PayPal here. It's good, as you can connect any credit card or bank account to it that is convenient to you. First pay for your dress, then after the group on period is over and we can work out how much each person from your group will get as a refund we'll refund the discount amount to your PayPal account. For instance, if you paid $100 for your dress, then after 2 weeks enough people used your group on code to get a 25% discount, we will refund $25 to your PayPal account. We will start refunding discounts on orders after the 2 week period is over, so please stand by to receive your discount (usually takes a week or so) and we publish the finished refunds and recipients' names in a special group on refund page in our help centre under 'special offers.' So you can check here if your discount has been refunded yet.  

I Want To Join Holiday Group On Offer On Facebook, Can I?

Yes, if you don't want to do the above then you can still enter the holiday group on offer and get a decent 15% discount by posting your group on code and name on our Facebook page's wall and then placing your order with it. We'll have seen that you posted it on the wall and so can check against orders placed and make sure we can give you your discount.
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Wait! I Have More Questions About The Holiday Group On Offer!

Don't worry, we have a very detailed Group On FAQ section, where we explain everything about this offer!
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So are you ready to save? Go and get your group on code and start giving it to your friends! If you need any help then please leave a comment below, or feel free to ask us at 'inquiry@outerinner.com' or speak to us on our facebook page. What are you waiting for, let's shop! ;-)
Don't forget to join the fun on facebook and twitter!
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