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Friday Update: Casual Dresses, Anniversary Sale & FAQs

OuterInner News

Welcome along to our friends around the world! Here's your latest update from OuterInner.com! This week, and especially today the 11th, I want to give best wishes to servicemen and women around the world from us and remember those who have given their lives. So here's to 'Veteran's Day' and 'Remembrance Day:'
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Group On Returns Saturday The 12th November

holiday group on promotion
Just in time for your Christmas shopping we're bringing back 'Group On' back. This group buying scheme allows you to save up to a HUGE 65% off any dresses from OuterInner! Just get your group on code and remember to give that to as many friends as possible, as the more people who order with your code, the bigger the discount we give to the whole group! Here's the Group On Page, so go here to read more about this exciting offer and get your all-important group on code! Just click the button to get your code and follow the instruction, it's easy! If you need any more information, we've written a whole lot of answers to questions that you might have about this offer, so don't forget to check those!

New Products This Week

This week we've launched a lot of new quick delivery dresses, but these are quite unusual for us as they're pretty casual dresses which we think are ideal for Christmas parties and other more relaxed events like nights out clubbing. What do you think about these beauties?
floral casual dress
This pretty floral pattern asymmetrical party dress is quite striking and fun!    
tri-color v-backed dress
We like this tri-color v-backed dress as it's fun, but still appropriate enough for a work dinner.    
bateau wrap dress
This bateau wrap dress is fabulous and its soft, folded cut is really unique and will definitely get you noticed!   Take a look at this video that I made showing you where to look:
You'll also see that we've launched quite a number of wedding dresses here too with new, upgraded pictures.  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

I'm not sure if my shape is regular or not. Would it help if I send you a picture of myself when I order my dress? Yes, of course you're welcome to send us any pictures that you think might help us to make sure that your dress is a perfect fit when it reaches you! We will give any photos to our dressmaker then they can compare them to your measurements (in the case of custom size dresses) or the requested size when producing the dress. You'll receive an email from our customer support, so you can send us a picture to there or to 'inquiry@outerinner.com' along with your order number. Can you make the dress exactly the same as the one shown on photo? We are sorry, but we cannot guarantee that the dress you receive will be 100% the same as the shown photo, because every person's dress is hand-made by one of our dressmakers so there can be slight differences. However, don't worry! This isn't to say that you will receive the wrong dress and the dress will be the same color and style as the picture. If I place my order now, can I pay for it at a later time? Yes you can, but we would like to remind you that the unpaid order will be kept in our system for two months, then the order will be deleted and you need to place a new order and the price could be different than at the time you placed the original order.   Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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