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Friday Update: Improved Pictures, New Products And Offers Galore!

OuterInner News

Hello friends! Welcome to this week's news from OuterInner.com! If you're new to the OuterInner blog then you should know that at the end of the week we always round up anything you need to know about new in products that have just been launched on site and any new promotions and competitions!  

Happy Birthday OuterInner.com!

I mentioned last week that it's our birthday on November the 8th and for 3 days (8/9/10 Nov) we're holding a 40% OFF EVERYTHING SALE to celebrate! Tell your friends, no, tell EVERYONE to get themselves over to OuterInner.com on November 8, 9 and 10th!!! If you've had your eye on a dress, perhaps your dream wedding gown, then NOW is the time to buy it where you can save almost half!

New Products This Week

The holiday season is upon us (have you seen Christmas decorations in your local stores or mall yet?) and so we're busy launching lots of new formal dresses, hot lingerie and bikinis in time for you to get something new as a gift or for your Christmas parties. I think the first port of call should be our new in section where you can see the latest items to have been launched on site. Keep an eye on this section if you like to see new stuff ;-) Specifically we've just launched new dresses and items in the following categories (click on the pictures to go straight to that category on the site to check them out):  
  • Bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaid dresses  
  • Mother of the bride dresses
  mother of the bride dresses    
  • Evening wear - some great new casual dresses and those for more formal occasions too
  evening wear    
  • Wedding Dresses
  wedding dresses    
  • Bikinis
  • Birdcage Veils
  birdcage veils  

We're Upgrading The Pictures On Our Site

This is going to be a long process, but you can now see some of the first upgraded pictures on site! Some are modelled and some just on a mannequin, but either offer you a lot more detail and more views of some of your favorite dresses! Here is an example where you can see the detail:
cocktail dress
This is one of our modelled shots, where our model July is modelling a gorgeous cocktail dress.   So keep looking out for more improved pictures on site and feel free to let us know if there is a specific dress or item that you think that we should take improved pictures of! Here's another video of one of the photoshoots so you can see July in action:

Free Shipping Until November 7th

If you haven't seen it, we're offering free shipping on standard registered mail (airmail) until November the 7th. It takes a little longer, but if you're not in a hurry then we're saving you money ;-) Order soon and choose registered mail delivery at checkout to take advantage of free shipping!
free shipping banner

We Reward Facebook Fans!

winner image
If you haven't visited our facebook page then where have you been?! This is a vibrant commuity and it's the best place to go to for the latest products and news from OuterInner! You can answer polls, catch interesting news and see the latest real pictures of our clothes; BUT the best thing is the offers and promotions that can be found there. You'll start at the welcome page where we'll show you a selection of the latest dresses and info that you need to know. Now if you look at the top you'll see that we're offering a free eye-shadow pallette to non-fans and 50% off ALL shipping for fans (for the rest of November). Just add the code that you see there, but remember, you're going to need to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE to get that discount on shipping!  

Group On Is Coming Back...

The legendary Group On offer is coming back in mid-November, but this time you can save up to 65% Do you fancy a bit of that? Thought you might ;-) Keep your eyes peeled for more Group On news, and if you don't know what it is then check out the Group On video that I made the first time we ran it this summer which will help you catch up (since we're not changing it much this time except for offering a chance to get a bigger discount)!  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Which payment methods do you accept? We currently accept PayPal and bank transfer. We recommend using Paypal as you can set it up with any bank account or credit card that you’d like. It’s also very convenient and secure.   Can I track my package? Sure you can, but you will need to choose a courier like DHL, UPS or EMS. These services allow you to track your package throughout its journey on their website by entering your tracking number which we give you by email. Airmail however will only allow you to know that the package has departed from China. We strongly recommend that you choose a courier service rather than airmail in order for your items to arrive quickly and safely.   I Want To Call You Guys At OuterInner.com. What should I tell you when we speak? You’re welcome to call us anytime on 1-813-358-3228. We’re usually in the office from 9.30AM to 6.30PM Hong Kong Time. Please help us to help you, be ready to tell us: Your name Email address Order number (should start 11…) Your question / what you need to know If there is no answer we’re sorry, we’re often really busy so might not be able to take every call personally! Please, please leave a voicemail message with the above information. Voicemail messages can help us a lot as our staff can listen to them more than once in order to catch 100% of your information.   Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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