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The Guest's Guide To Formal Dresses To Wear At A Wedding

Which Formal Dresses To Wear To A Wedding If You're A Guest

Great news! You've been invited to a wedding, but what kind of formal dresses to wear? A very common question that we get asked here at OuterInner.com is, "What should I wear to a wedding?" If you're a bride or bridesmaid then it's an easy decision, but what happens if you're simply a guest? Do you dig out your favorite party dress? Which colors are appropriate? Is a casual outfit OK? STOP! Read on and we're going to reveal some tips which will help you to find a great dress to wear that won't make the bride cry!
hot pink inappropriate wedding guest dress No, this dress isn't appropriate! But would you believe that some girls turn up to weddings wearing dresses like this?!  

Which Formal Dresses To Wear

First check the wedding invitation (if there is one) or speak to the bride or MOH as you need to have some idea of the dress code. As a rule weddings require reasonably conservative and formal dresses, but this doesn't mean that you need to be decked out in some full-on evening dress that would be at home on the red-carpet. The time of the wedding should yield some clues as to what to wear, and if you couple this with your own common sense then you'll soon be sorted.

Daytime Wedding

    • These weddings will usually be less formal and so choose a knee or tea-length dress.
  • If it is hot and sunny then perhaps you'll be outside or on the beach. In that case a sun hat and lightweight skirt will be welcome when it comes to comfort. Choose chiffon, organza, tulle or even taffeta, as these fabrics tend to be fairly light, but avoid heavier satin dresses.
  • Light colors fit well in the day, but of course stear clear of white so as not to upset the bride!
  • If you can't bear to wear a dress, then a light colored pant suit will be great.
short formal dresses for daytime wedding This cocktail dress is a good example of a shorter dress that is great for a daytime wedding.  

Evening Wedding

  • Evening weddings are by their nature rather more formal, so longer skirts are ideal. If you need to try to imagine the kind of dress that's appropriate for an evening wedding, then think a night at a posh party, dinner or awards ceremony.
  • A cocktail dress would also be alright on many occasions, but you need to check if a short skirt is alright.
  • Darker colors are also ok, certainly more so than during the day, but it's generally better to avoid black (unless you're wearing an LBD). Perhaps purple, maroon or gray for instance are good choices.
  • Accessorize with some nice and elaborate jewelry as evening weddings tend to be far more dressy.
long formal dresses for evening wedding This floor-length evening dress is great for an evening wedding and it's conservative without being too 'old' looking.  
So in general a more casual dress with short skirt is good for a daytime wedding, but choose a longer skirt and more formal dress for an evening or formal wedding. You might like to check our cocktail dresses and evening dresses categories for a great selection of low-priced formal dresses that will be suitable for any wedding :-D What's your advice for formal dresses to wear to a wedding if you're a guest? Have you ever had or seen a fashion disaster at a wedding? Add a comment below please!
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