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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Kathleen Ellison's Bridesmaid Dress

Real Customer Reviews: Kathleen Ellison's Bridesmaid Dress

Thanks to Kathleen Ellison from Campbell's Creek, Australia, who chose to wear one of our bridesmaid dresses at her friend's wedding. You looked super, and we're really happy that you enjoyed shopping with us! You can see Kathleen below looking just fabulous in her indigo bridesmaid dress, and if you love this bridesmaid dress too then click on the picture below to see its info or follow this link http://bit.ly/ruWL6l
bridesmaid dress

Concern About Buying A Bridesmaid Dress Online

One of the best parts about Kathleen's story with OuterInner.com isn't only that she got a lovely dress and looked great for her friend's wedding, but also that we have helped her to buy online for the first time! Like many first-time buyers kathleen felt some nervousness about buying online! This is totally natural! Our customer support colleague Sara helped to put Kathleen's mind at rest and gave her all of the information she needed to know such as delivery time etc. This is what Kathleen had to say:
I had never ordered online before, so I really needed reassurance that my purchase would be correct and that it would arrive on time! I have to say that I was extremely happy with my purchase and thank you for all your assistance!
It's nice to know that we are helping people to decide to buy with us by answering their questions and I urge you to give it a try! If you aren't sure about anything please contact us by sending an email to 'inquiry@outerinner.com' or you can speak to me on our Facebook page! Here's a further picture of Kathleen in her dress (she's on the right of the pic):
bridesmaid dress  
If you would also love to get this pretty chiffon bridesmaid dress for your wedding then click on the picture below for more details:
bridesmaid dress
Do you like Kathleen's choice? How about the indigo color? Maybe you had bridesmaid dresses like this at your wedding? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
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