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How To Shop At OuterInner.com & Welcome To Our Egyptian Friends

OuterInner.com Shopping Special And Hello To Egyptian Friends

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We are seeing more and more global customers joining the fun at OuterInner.com from around the world and especially Egypt, so we'd like to welcome you all!
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How Do I Shop With OuterInner.com?

Shopping with us is easy, no matter where in the world you are! First you just need to register as a customer for FREE. Basically you just give us your email address, so we can contact you to confirm orders when you place them, and your address, so we can send clothes to you! We never share customer information. Once your account is set up then you can start shopping! :-D Just go to the category you like and look at the dresses, lingerie etc that you like. Here you can see our range of formal dresses and hot lingerie. Once you find an item that you like then you can 'add it to your shopping bag':
add to shopping bag screen
Once you have put it into your bag you can go to checkout and there are 3 steps: Shopping bag, billing and shipping and finally confirm and pay.

Shopping bag

So you have selected the item you like! Now you can confirm it's correct by checking the shopping bag:
shopping bag screen
Don't forget to check that the size is correct and that you've selected the color you want and also remember to select your delivery option, so enter your country and select which shipping method you like (then you will see the cost like below):
delivery cost screen
Finally you have selected your size, color and delivery method and know how much this order will cost you and you can now pay. The final screen you see will remind you of your item's size, color and cost and where you are shipping to, so you can check in case you made a mistake. Then you can choose how to pay like below:
payment screen
You'll also notice that you can add special notes, so if, for instance, you need a dress by a specific date please tell us then we can be sure that it is made in time otherwise it will be produced within our standard time.  

I'm In Egypt! Do You Offer Prices In Egyptian Pounds?

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As you can see the prices on our site are in US Dollars and currently we don't offer an Egyptian pounds option, but this doesn't mean you can't shop with us! There are 2 ways to pay, either by bank transfer or PayPal. First it's best to check the cost of your possible order, so use a currency converter that you can find online, this is very fast. Also please note that express shipping to Egypt with DHL costs roughly $28 to $32 and this is fast taking only 3 to 5 days.


The good thing about paypal is that it's linked to your bank account or credit card and will make the payment for you and convert currency automatically. It is fast, easy and most importantly the safest option for you. If things ever go wrong you can ask PayPal for help and they will examine your case and recover your money. Click here to sign up for a PayPal account for FREE! We suggest using PayPal as the payment will reach us faster than bank transfer so we will be able to process your order sooner.  

Bank Transfer

You can also pay us in EGP which is easy, so you can choose to transfer the money from your bank to our bank. When you have placed your order we will email you our bank details. Then please work out your order cost in EGP (using a currency converter) and ask your bank to send this amount to our bank. Finally email us the bank confirmation and then we will make your order and ship it!  

Any Questions?

You can always ask us anything and we will help, so you can send an email to customer support and they will help you in English, or you can ask questions on our facebook page. We make a big effort to help at all times so if you ever have an issue then we will not avoid helping!   We hope that you all love shopping at OuterInner.com and look forward to seeing our friends from Egypt and the rest of the world soon!
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