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2012's Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends

OuterInner.com's Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends For 2012

Calling all brides! If you're getting married next year and haven't decided upon which style of wedding dresses you like then our top 5 picks of new wedding dress styles for 2012 could give you some inspiration! There are some which are quite unusual, but there are also some 'older styles' which seem to be coming back, so let's get into it:  

1. Separates Wedding Dresses

A modern and unusual look that won't be for every bride, the separate wedding dress consists of a skirt and separate top. This could be a poofy tulle skirt, or maybe something more flowy like a maxi skirt, but either way these aren't connected with the top you choose to wear which could be anything from an embroidered blouse to a plain white tee! Good for modern brides who are interested in being a trend-setter!
separates wedding dresses

2. Colorful Wedding Dresses

Exactly how it sounds, these wedding dresses aren't only in white, ivory or champagne. Designers are experimenting with all kinds of colors these days, but don't be surprised because brides have been getting married in red and other colors in the Orient for hundreds of years. Maybe you have a favorite color, so why not indulge yourself and get your wedding dress made in it?
colored wedding dresses

3. Polka Dot Wedding Dresses

If you're following fashion then you'll know that polka dots are big and going to be hot next year and they've now spread to wedding dresses too! So if you're brave you could try a polka dot wedding dress! ;-)
polka dot wedding dresses

4. Illusion Neckline Wedding Dresses

Following the resurgence in lace caused by a certain princess's wedding gown we are now seeing more illusion necklines coming back and we love them! An illusion neckline basically uses a slim film of often-embroidered lace to cover your neckline and sometimes shoulders. It's quite sheer, so it looks a little like there is a neckline and kind of that there isn't, hence the 'illusion' part. Brides who are into lace dresses and classic styles will love this style!
illusion neckline wedding dresses

5. Sheer Skirt wedding Dresses

Again quite self-explanatory. These dresses feature a skirt which is sheer (quite see-through) and the effect is something akin to a 1920's style. Usually the portion of the skirt below the knee is sheer, so if you've got great legs and shoes then this dress could be for you!
sheer skirt wedding dresses
So what do you think of these trends? Would you choose one of these wedding dresses for your wedding? Do you have any trend tips to share with us as well? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
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