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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Reesa Colman's Daughter's Homecoming Dress

Real Customer Reviews: Reesa Colman's Daughter's Homecoming Dress

The homecoming season is upon us and we've heard from Reesa Colman, from Allen, Texas, who bought her daughter a homecoming dress that she bought for her daughter's homecoming. We have to say that she looked wonderful, so thanks so much for sending in your message and the pictures! :-) Here's her daughter below looking just gorgeous, and if you love this homecoming dress as well just click on the picture below to see further information or follow this link http://bit.ly/rmu8Dc
homecoming dress

The Need For A Unique Homecoming Dress

We were very pleased that Reesa thought that the dress was unique and we understand that at homecoming there's nothing worse than turning up in the same dress as someone else...the horror! That's why we are improving our styles and range of homecoming dresses every year. This particular dress is quite unique as its layered skirt gives it a lot of body and is in subtly different colored taffeta with a lovely sheen to it. This dress was in 'as pic' color and Reesa asked us to add sleeves to it, as you can see. Here's what Reesa had to say:
Thank you so much OuterInner for the beautiful homecoming dress! It was very unique from the other dresses worn by other girls at the homecoming dance....my daughter stood out!! The workmanship was very nice. In fact I was impressed by it! I was also very pleased with the customer service I received...I worried a lot, but every question was answered and the work was done in advance of what was promised. THANK YOU!!
Well thank you very much Reesa, it's nice to hear this! But there are another 2 pictures and I have to say that your daughter and her date look so lovely and we're sure they had a great time at homecoming!
homecoming dress Reesa's daughter looking beautiful with her date who's a dashing young man  
homecoming dress A closer shot of the happy couple. Notice how the color of the dress complements her hair and eyes so well.  
If you love this dress and would like it for your next party then click on the picture below for more details:
homecoming dress
What do you think of this homecoming dress? What kind of dress did you wear to homecoming? Was it unique? Do you have an OuterInner dress story to share with us? please leave us a comment below!
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