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7 Amazing Bridesmaid Dresses Videos

7 Amazing Bridesmaid Dresses Videos

So congratulations! You're BFF has asked you to be her bridesmaid! But the work has only just begun, because now you guys need to find perfect bridesmaid dresses. Sounds easy? It isn't actually always so simple to find great dresses that are going to fit her wedding theme, suit all of the girls (who may have different shapes) and be re-wearable in the future! After all, NO ONE wants to end up in a bridesmaid dress like this!
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Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration

So where do you go for advice and inspiration? The over-priced bridal boutique? Female relatives? We say no! Don't waste money and time, instead here at OuterInner.com we've put together a list of 7 awesome bridesmaid dresses videos that will give you help and inspiration from the beginning of your journey to after the wedding and beyond! Read on to see each video and why it's helpful for you!  

Video 1: Choosing Wedding Colors Based On The Season

Your first port of call could well be deciding upon colors for dresses, and this video shows you how to pick out nice colors for your bridesmaid dresses and wedding theme. This video is quite inspiring and I like that the host actually shows the colors she is suggesting.

Video 2: Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Because we're now well into Fall I think that this video is helpful as it shows how to get suitable dresses for the season and stay warm!

Video 3: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the problems that groups of girls face when buying BM dresses is that no group ever needs dresses that are all the same size. If any of your girls are plus sizes then this video is useful for knowing what styles of dress will be flattering.

Video 4: BM Dress Trends

This video will give you lots of ideas about dress styles that actually look good and not hideous. They have lots of modelling, so it is very helpful, but the only problem is that the dresses they model are actually from rather expensive high-street stores - so perhaps just get inspiration from them!

Video 5: DIY Measurement Taking

This is a great and handy video, especially if you're considering buying your bridesmaid dresses online (which is the cheapest way) as you're going to need to take your own measurements. Ignore the cheesy 80s style of the video, just learn from their actions. After all, it's going to make no difference if it's in HD or not!

Video 6: Emergency Weight Loss

We can learn a lot from stars and here are some of their secrets that you can use if the wedding day is looming and you or one of the other girls is, how can I put, carrying a bit of extra weight! They show you the different things you can do to slim down enough to squeeze into your dress in time for the wedding!

Video 7: Recycle The BM dress

OK, so you made it through the wedding and so now you might be wondering what you're going to do with your bridesmaid dress? This video gives you all kinds of interesting ideas of what to do with your dress after the wedding.
If you still need more information or help about choosing suitable dresses then don't forget that we're a specialist, so you can send OuterInner customer service an email to ask their advice!  

Please check OuterInner.com's extensive bridesmaid dresses category for even more ideas and inspiration, especially after you've seen these videos and already have some styles in mind

  Do you know of any other great BM dress videos that you'd care to share? Have you got any tips for future BMs? Please tell us in the comments below!
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