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The Search For Beautiful Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding Great Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

If you've got a plus size friend or sister who's going to be a bridemaid at your wedding then you need to be sure that they can find suitable plus size bridesmaid dresses. Not everyone has a model's figure, but it doesn't mean that your fuller-figured bridesmaids need to cover up in a frumpy, mumsy-looking sack of a dress.
mumsy plus size bridesmaid dresses
Plus size bridesmaid dresses don't need to look mumsy like this one!   In this blog I'm going to show you why it's actually easy to find great looking bridesmaid dresses for any shape at OuterInner.com:

How To Find Bridesmaid Dresses To Suit Any Girl

If you're like most brides then you'll have a group of girls as your BMs who aren't the same size! This is great as everyone's different, but the main thing is to make sure that your girls get dresses that they feel comfortable in. look good in and fit in with your wedding's theme (if you've got one). You can by all means check local bridal and clothing stores, but they sometimes suffer from a lack of plus sizes as most curvy girls will tell you. A better option is to look online with its embarassment of riches when it comes to sizes. Old favorite eBay can be a good place to look, although the many online clothing stores like OuterInner.com will offer you a more reliable choice, as shopping on eBay can be like a 'box of chocolates, as you don't know what you're going to get! In fact, I think the first place you need to head is to our bridesmaid dresses category and there you'll see product pages like this:
custom size option on product page
As you can see, instead of just ordering a standard size, which can be difficult for plus sizes, you can enter your exact measurements. This means that no matter the style, and no matter your shape, you'll be guaranteed a dress that's your size! You can also give us extra demands such as longer or shorter skirts, sleeves or a bolero jacket (although in my opinion this is sailaing a little too close to the old-fashioned), by writing them in the information box at checkout or sending us an email.  

What's Wrong With Buying Off-The-Peg?

The reason we think that custom sizing is the way to go for plus size bridesmaids is because it can be hard to find nice off-the-peg dresses in plus sizes. Most bridal stores only carry up to a US size 16 and the styles can be quite old and mumsy-looking which is almost like a penalty for being a plus size :-(  

Great Styles For Plus Size Bridesmaids

Luckily today you can find a great many good-looking and chic plus size bridesmaid dresses in a variety of styles online. The many styles make it easier to choose one that camouflages problem areas, such as hips, tummy and bum. Let's take a quick look at some suitable styles for plus sizes, and if you like these dresses just click on the picture to go see the product page for pricing info etc:  

Empire bridesmaid dresses

cheap plus size bridesmaid dresses 02649
The good thing about Empire dresses is that they have a very high wasitline that as you can see starts just below the bust. This allows them to give you a nice, sleek silhouette as the lines of the skirt drape downwards quite gracefully instead of hugging your hips.
long bridesmaid dresses under 100, style code:06029
Empire dresses come with short and long skirts (as you can see above), and both are great for plus sizes!  

A-Line bridesmaid dresses

a line strapless bridesmaid dresses 02728
A-Line is one of the most timeless dress styles and in a very similar way to Empire dresses they feature a fairly high waistline and the skirt will taper out a little making the dress look like a capital A (hence the name). These are also great at hiding unloved curves.  

Ballgown bridesmaid dresses

 bridesmaid dress with ribbon
A ballgown style BM dress is great as firstly they will accentuate your shape into a killer hourglass shape and secondly they've got that typical 'fairytale wedding' style; so if you're holding a big dream wedding then maybe consider this style for your bridesmaids.  

Other Tips For Plus Size Bridesmaids

  • Darker colors are better as they're more slimming, whereas pastels will pile on the pounds!
  • No need to cover up with a long skirt. Curvy girls tend to have great legs and calves, so show them off! Long skirts are better for more formal weddings however.
  • If you need to drop a dress size in a hurry then try some support pants that will help to hold you in.
    So if you're ready to shop for your girls' bridesmaid dresses then head on over and don't forget that we stock sizes US 2 to 28 as standard and can custom make dresses to any size. Were or are you a plus size bridesmaid? What kind of bridesmaid dress did you wear? What are your tips for getting a great dress? Add a comment below please and let us know!
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