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Friday Roundup: What's Been Happening At OuterInner This Week?

OuterInner News

Friday comes around as quickly here in China as it does in the West so here we are again with OuterInner.com's news this week.

20% Off Quick Delivery Dresses

We know that party season is approaching starting with Halloween, so we've discounted our quick delivery dresses by 20% to make your choice easier this year! A quick delivery dress is a good idea because you will receive the dress in on average 10 days, which is far faster than if you have one made. So if you need a dress for a party that you're going to soon then these are the way forward and there are loads of different styles, from short cocktail dresses to long formal dresses.
20% off quick delivery dresses sale banner
Don't forget that you can also still get sexy adult costumes for your party too.  

We're In The Studio

You will soon see some big changes to our site as we're adding more detailed product descriptions to the dresses and more and better pictures. In a week's time we're heading into the studio with our lovely model July to take pictures of some of our best selling dresses, but until we've got more pics to share, here's a shot that we took of her when she called in for a fitting (please excuse the creased dress, it was just a fitting after all!):
outerinner model

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Is The October National Holiday In China Going To Affect My Delivery Time? I mentioned this last week and unfortunately the answer is, yes, it may do. So if you're expecting your dress to arrive at the beginning of October then it may be delayed a little. Staff in China will typically be off until around the 4th or 5th and during this time post in and out of China will slow down and in the week afterwards it will stay slow thanks to the backlog that's built up. If you are ordering a dress now and it's critical that it reaches you before a certain date, for instance such as bridesmaid dresses, then please add a note telling our customer support staff when it must reach you by and they will confirm with you that it can make it in time. We hate to say no to an order, but we'd rather be honest than let you get disappointed. Click this link if you need to contact our customer support to ask them about yourorder.  

Give Me My Free Dress OuterInner!

That's what one of our competition winners, Heidi Abigail, cried on our facebook page and she has very kindly sent us a picture of her in her FREE new homecoming dress. Thanks Heidi! If you love her dress, just click on her picture below to go to its page where you can buy it too!
Heidi Abigail in her new homecoming dress
Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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