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8 Tips To Find A Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

You hear the sound of a letter falling to the mat and go pick it up. Your friend has invited you to her wedding! But what are you going to wear?
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There is usually a dress code for most formal weddings, so they're likely to either go from the very formal black tie all the way through to smart casual. This is helpful as it at least gives you a starting point. However for smaller, more casual weddings we have to fend for ourselves! So if you're confused as to what you need to wear then read on as we're going to offer you 8 tips on what to wear at that wedding:  

8 tips on what to wear

You will need to pick out an outfit that's smart, but comfy. Here's 8 tips that we at OuterInner.com think you should follow when getting ready for a wedding:

1. "I Want To Wear A dress"

If you'd rather wear a dress to the wedding then it's better to choose something fairly plain as you don't want to upstage the bride. Of course, it's wise to avoid white, tight and overly 'loud' or sparkly dresses. You could wear a cocktail dress if the wedding is outdoors and during the day, as these tend to be more casual and so a short skirt is best. Formal weddings will mean that you need to wear an evening gown with a long skirt, but that's fun as you can pretend you're on the red carpet!  

2. "I Hate Dresses, Are There Any Other Options?"

The pantsuit is your friend here and actually you can still look feminine with a pretty, ruffled blouse and short jacket. As with dresses it's better to avoid white, so perhaps neutral colors would be best, but not dark colors like navy blue as it isn't a funeral!  

3. "Which Shoes Are Suitable For A Wedding?"

Remember that you're not at the wedding to make an impact and in fact weddings can be very hard work with a lot of standing around and waiting, so your killer heels could be just that! Consider shoes with lower heels, wedges or even flats unless you're 100% certain that your heels aren't going to trouble you!  

4."Be Careful To Be In The Right Colors"

As I mentioned you need to AVOID WHITE, as this is a major faux pas! If you're at a day wedding then try some light neutral colors like pastel blue, yellow, pink or sand and champagne. Night time weddings lend themselves more to darker colors like reds, oranges, dark greens etc. If you like you can choose something with a print or pattern, but don't overdo it as it's important not to draw the eye from the bride.  

5. "How Should I Do My Makeup?"

Your makeup will also be bound by the same color and brightness rules that affect your dress. A daytime wedding will suit light makeup, whereas in an evening wedding that's a bit more formal you can wear slightly heavier and darker makeup.  

6. "Do I Need A Handbag?"

I think at a wedding a small handbag or clutch is better, with just enough room for your camera, makeup and maybe phone (turn it on to silent though). After all, you don't want to be lugging a big handbag about when you're busy trying to take or pose in pictures, mingle or attack the buffet.  

7. "What Kind Of Jewelry Should I Wear?"

Sure, why not? But bear in mind the dress code (if there is one). In the same way that you don't want to overdo the decoration on dresses you also shouldn't turn up dripping in jewelry! However, if the wedding is fairly informal you can probably safely wear your usual fun 'going out' bling.  

8. "Do I Need Any Extra Accessories?"

I think it's inconvenient to be carrying too much at a wedding as I mentioned earlier, but there are certain occasions where something like an umbrella or sunhat would be useful (such as an outdoor wedding). If it's going to be cold, like in Winter, then a shawl or shrug will help you to keep warm in a draughty church.   The main thing is to enjoy the wedding, so your own comfort should be paramount as it's far from a fashion-show where you should really show yourself off; that's the bride's job. Regardless of whether you're following a dress code or not, put our 8 tips to work for you and go browse our range of formal dresses and cocktail dresses to find a lovely, comfortable dress to wear on the big day! Do you have any tips for what to wear at weddings? What's your wedding essential? Share your advice as a comment below please!
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