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OuterInner Friday Roundup: Fashion, Fun And News

OuterInner News

It's only Friday again so it's time to catch up with news from OuterInner.com this week.

New Arrivals

This week we've seen some new arrivals appear in our hot lingerie and shoes categories, so let's look at them here! Given that Halloween is coming soon you should definitely get involved in a costume party and grab an adult costume to win that best dressed prize (or just give your man a surprise)! We've got all kinds of funny, sexy and flirty outfits and you can see a lot more of them in this sexy costumes blog from earlier this week! Here's just one of the great designs you can pick up from us:
Snow white style adult costume
Take costumes to the next level, you can be sexy snow white!   On the other hand, or should that be foot, we have our ever-growing shoes category. If you haven't stopped by you really should take a look! Recently we gave some shoes away for free in one of our competitions on our facebook page and one of our lucky winners, Lisa Wright from Port Pirie in Australia, proudly showed off her amazing shoes in this picture:
Lisa Wright models Strappy T Bar Suede Shoe Boot
If you just have to have these shoes, don't worry, follow this link to them: http://bit.ly/p5Yj08  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Would I have to pay taxes (VAT) on the dress prices stated on the website? (From an Australian customer) No, you do not need to pay VAT (Value Added Tax). You only need to pay for the price stated on our website.   What if I buy a dress, & when I get it, it doesn't fit? Am I able to return it? Yes, you can in some cases. There are standard size and custom size formal dresses in our store. In general custom sizes CAN'T be returned unless WE have made a mistake with them, but standard sizes can always be returned. The return policy differs for the different kinds of dresses that you can buy from us, so please follow that link and examine them closely before buying. We are committed to helping you and will try to make life as easy as possible, so if you receive a dress and there is an issue please contact us immediately and we will try to help as quickly and impartially as possible.   Do you have contact number? We certainly do, at USA 1-813-358-3228, and our English-speaking customer support staff welcome calls between 9:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m Hong Kong time. If you can't catch us due to the time difference please leave a message as we check them and reply every day! If you're wondering why it's a USA number, we aren't trying to fool anyone into thinking that we are a domestic company, rather we applied for this number to save you money so you didn't have to call an expensive foreign number to speak with us ;-)   If I order a dress from here today and pay for 5-7 day shipping will it arrive in one week? I am afraid that you may have misunderstood our shipping time! Our total shipping time is formed by Processing time + Delivery time. This is because we don't usually keep dresses in stock, we make every dress to order especially for you! The processing time (making the dresses) is 15-20 working days as standard and the delivery time is different according to the shipping method you choose and where you live. If you choose DHL or UPS as the delivery method, it would usually take about 5-7 days for the delivery. So the total time it takes to get your new dress may take up to around 25 days, so please bear this in mind when ordering. If you are in a hurry, how about choosing one of our quick delivery dresses? These dresses can be sent out within 3-5 working day, therefore you can get these dresses to your door in as little as 8 days! For more information, read my quick delivery dress blog.  

Dress Of The Day Collection

If you're not a regular visitor to our facebook page where have you been? But anyway, we post a real picture of our dresses everyday direct from our warehouse as we know you love to see the dresses in detail and in the flesh. Now we've collected these together in a folder, so you can check them all at your leisure without having to wait for me to post one! So if you can't wait to get started looking through pics of our real dresses that we have since sent out to customers then you can go straight to the dress of the day album and enjoy!  

October National Holiday In China

china national day
As you may know, our warehouse and shipping office is in China, and an important festival called the National day holiday is coming up soon. The Chinese celebrate the founding of the 'People's Republic' on October the 1st every year. How does this affect you? Well, everyone's usually off work for that week and here at OuterInner.com we'll be off from the 1st to the 5th of October. So, just to warn you, the postal services in China are likely to slow down a bit during this time, so if you are expecting a package from us around this time it could be a day or two late. We'll be doing everything we can to avoid any delays and if you have any questions about your package during this time, please contact me on Facebook if you don't receive a reply from customer support as I will be on Facebook during the holiday. Thanks!   A special thank you to Chloe at 'Mama's Musings,' who wrote a nice review of one of our dresses. Click the following to read the Mama's musings dress review right here :-D   Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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