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Re-Wearable Bridesmaid Dresses: The Perfect Gift

Bridesmaid Dresses That Can Be Worn Over And Over Again

If your friend's a bride then soon you could be given bridesmaid dresses to wear at your friend's wedding. The choice usually falls to the bride, but if you're lucky then you may have a say too. Wouldn't it be great though if your bridesmaid dress was able to be worn again in the future, perhaps as a party dress? I think the problem that occurs is that the bride is concerned about her color scheme and if the bridesmaid dresses fit into her overall idea of how her wedding should look like. Therefore bridesmaid dresses can often be unusual colors, floor-length (never the most practical length) and in formal styles rather than modern cuts.
Ruffles A-line Floor-length Satin Bridesmaid Dresses
Lovely, but would you wear it to a birthday party?


Advice For Brides Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

So if you're a bride and you want to choose dresses that your girls will love wearing forever then perhaps you can follow these tips:
  • Avoid unusual color combinations. You may have an avocado and purple theme in mind for your wedding, but bridesmaid dresses in these colors may be a bit difficult to wear in future! A plain color like black, navy blue, purple etc would be better.
  • Choose a short skirt. Long skirts are quite formal and aren't really appropriate for many more casual occasions like parties.
  • Pick a timeless style. Something simple without tons of decoration, rhinestones and other eye-catching elements will mean that the dress has a much longer 'sell-by-date' than if it is very trendy. Just go with a pretty plain A-Line dress for instance. After all, do you really wear that stylish dress you bought in the 90s anymore?

So What Kind Of Bridesmaid Dresses Would Be Re-Wearable?

If you, the bride, want to leave your girls with an amazing gift then you could consider some bridesmaid dresses like these. Click on the links to get the details of each dress:
cheap blue bridesmaid dresses 06036
Lovely breezy chiffon bridesmaid dress that is a little more casual
Satin Sleeveless Knee-length Sweetheart A-line Bridesmaid Dress
Gorgeous satin bridesmaid dress that is at home in a cocktail bar as in a wedding
A-line Strapless Ruffles Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress
As classic a design as you can get, this A-Line bridesmaid dress is simple, yet beautiful
Knee-length Sleeveless Ruffles Satin Bridesmaid Dress
Perfect satin ruffled bridesmaid dress that would make a cute party dress
There are of course many other styles available here at OuterInner.com, but so if you want to see more then follow this link to our bridesmaid dress category. You'll be a very kind bride indeed if you can give your bridesmaids some dresses they'll love wearing again forever!   Brides! Did you give your BMs a dress they could re-wear? Bridesmaids! Have you ever been given a dress it was impossible to wear again in public? let us know in the comments below please.
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