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Formal Dresses Sizing Tips From OuterInner

Formal Dresses Sizing With OuterInner

We've recently made changes to our size charts for standard sized formal dresses. Outerinner size chart

Not Sure About Your Size?

If you're unsure about your size then please feel free to contact us at 'inquiry@outerinner.com' or give us a call on (USA)1-813-358-3228 (9:30AM-18:30PM in Hong Kong Time). The team here will always try to answer your questions and all speak English. If you can't get through on the phone, please leave us a message as we also listen to these routinely. woman on phone It's good to talk, so give us a call!

Have You Considered Custom Sizing?

Some girls have proportions that just don't seem to fit well in standard sizes. If this describes you then don't worry, we can help! Our custom sized dresses are great if you have unique proportions as you'll receive a dress that's exactly tailored to your measurements. Best of all? Custom size formal dresses are just $16 extra!
  • Just remember to ask a friend to help you take your measurements, as the measurements that you'll give us are the ones that your dress will be made in!
  • Don't breath in whilst measuring, as then your dress will be too tight!
  • You should wear the underwear that you think you'll be wearing under your new dress when you take your measurements so the finished garment is big enough for you and your underwear!
  Here's the measurement tips guide for you: measurement guide Only our quick delivery dresses can't be ordered in custom sizes, as it takes longer to make them, but all of our other dresses can be custom sized.  

Plan Ahead

In the case of weddings or other important events where formal dresses are required it's so important to give yourself plenty of time so you get your dress well in advance of the special day. This is because you may need to have some minor adjustments made to the dress. For instance, if your size is slightly outside of a standard range then it may be necessary for you to have a small, but routine and easy, adjustment made to its bust or skirt length.  


Formal Dresses
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