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How The Broke Girl's Guide U To Valentine's Day Dresses

Maybe you would like to spend V-Day snuggling on the couch, or LV, wearing sweats probably isn't going to cut it. Whether you're heading out on the town with your S.O. or your BBFs, you need a dress. But, that does not mean dropping your whole February deposit into something extra-fancy.

You may start that high-end, stop them in the tracks vibe with something affordable; all you have to do is pay attention to the details. Ahead, we rounded up 30 under-$100 frocks featuring smart accents, luxe embellishments, expensive-looking Dresses, and flattering cuts, to help you do Valentine’s Day right.







Btw do not forget to drop by our NEW MEN Collection, the sweet gift may let him feel your sweet heart and do not forget the V-Day Kiss either, this may be the most important component he is expecting for.

OuterInner Mkt Team

January 29, 2015 by Yixiao Feng

Black Tie Events

What to eat? A question you ask yourself at least twice a day. Breakfast grab a coffee and a muffin as you coast through Starbucks, but lunch and dinner. Italian or Dim Sum? Mexican or drinks at the pub?

22077 Silverleaf Sparkly Chain Mesh Hanging Earrings 12627 Sparkle Crystals & Beads Embellished Soft Mermaid Evening Gown

And what to wear? The absolute bane of your existence. It's not easy looking good especially for executives like yourself on the up and up. So here's the thing. Your gmail calendar just reminded you that you've got an event next month. It's the company annual dinner. A night of mirth and drinking and then the next day, hangovers and regrets. But it's gotta be done. And of course the question begs itself, what do you wear? Do you go with off the rack, something at the mall? No! Because most likely you'll end up wearing the identical same thing as about 3 other girls in the company. There are over 600 employees.

22207 Silver Blue Jewel Feather Hanging Drop Earrings 18040 Embellished One Shoulder Goddess Evening Dress

Yeah you do work for one of the biggest ad agencies in the world. Which means at the annual dinner people fly in from all over the country. It's a who's who, look at her, talk behind your back, totally B-fest! But hella fun. So...whatcha gonna do? Hey wait a minute, what's this? OuterInner.com. Where do I remember that name from?

22135 Royal Crown Vertical Rhinestone Heirloom Earrings 19175 Illusion One Shoulder Beading Insert Slit Evening Gown

Oh yeah last year when Tricia got married she ordered her wedding dress from there and it was lovely. And it was a total steal! Let's just take a peek...wow. That's nice. And that too. And I'd totally wear that. How much? OMG! That's amazing. Click. Click. Done. And wait, they sell jewelry too. Love that. And that too. Click. Click. Done. And for less than a Friday night out. Thanks OuterInner.com.


December 25, 2014 by Yixiao Feng

Cocktail Hour

You're trying to figure out that song they're playing. Your sister used to play it all the time. It's an 80's hit. Oh it's driving you crazy. Always in time, but never in line for dreams. Head over heels when toe to toe. This is the sound of my soul. Spandau Ballet! The waiter comes over and asks you if you want another drink. You ask for a Cosmo with a Sambuca chaser. Work hard, play hard. That's the mantra.

22079 Radiant Crystal Gemstone Chunky Cocktail Ring 12589 Textured Oversize Flower Top Short Cocktail Dress

You're good at what you do. You love what you do. You get paid well. You're single and there's nothing wrong with wanting to mingle. But you're not interested just yet in settling down. Maybe in a couple of years. After you've bought your 3rd house and you've been to Nepal alone. Just one of those places where trying to figure out what each other is thinking or you, no you, no you go ahead just kills the mood. Life is pretty special and you only get one try on this magical mystery tour we call living.

22251 Retro Future Golden Glitz Turquoise Bead Saddle Ring 13352 Stractured Neckline Mini Peplum Dress with Flocking

So you're in it to carpe diem to the fullest. You see Brad, he's in Accounting. He comes over to talk to you. Sandy, you look amazing. Love your dress. And the dangle earrings, brilliant. Wow Brad, you know about dangle earrings? I have sisters you know. You make small talk, you laugh, talk about work, gossip, you see Jasmine from Marketing and hastily retreat to the sidelines. Once Jasmine starts going on about Instagram there's no stopping her.

22077 Silverleaf Sparkly Chain Mesh Hanging Earrings 14353 Sweetheart Bow Sheath Natural Waist Cocktail Dress

The light is just so and you notice that Brad's kinda cute and it's been 6 months since you broke up with Vince. And yeah I look great in this dress I know it. I got it from OuterInner.com.
December 25, 2014 by 10

Date Evening

All work and no play can make anyone dull and depressed. Especially now that the cold has arrived and we hear it plans on staying for a bit. So to shake things up may we suggest -- date night! Yup that's right once a week, set aside a night for a bit of R & R & R. That's rest, relaxation, and...romance, you silly.

22230 Collier Longueur Moyenne Matte Or Gloss19799 Plunge V Back Lace Mini Bodycon Dress

Oh boo hoo I know what you're thinking, but I've got nothing to wear except these tired old sweat pants and baggy sweaters from college. And I've got no money to buy myself a new look. To that we say where there is a will there's a way. Here then we bring you some fresh new looks without breaking the bank. Looks that are simply stylish, and favorably fashionable. Plus we've assembled some affordable yet statement making jewelry to go along with your new visuals.

22076 Trapezoid Mirrored Rhinestone Collar Choker Necklace 13368 Color Block Stripe Top Bodycon Cocktail Dress

Dresses to delight and jewels to re-juvenate. Beat the winter blahs and take out that one you love (or just someone that makes you smile) to a nice dinner, ok maybe candlelight is a bit hokey, but what about pasta and a bottle of wine and then another bottle of wine, and then a couple of shots, and then that look, and a kiss, and then let's get the check and head home as fast as we can. The fact is, modern life wrecks a lot of damage to modern relationships and it's up to you to do something to stop the boredom. Think of it like this, a few bucks here and there is nothing compared to the money you'll spend when it's each takes half and the lawyer fees. Just saying.

22234 Two Tone Icon Metal Geometry Triple Necklace 19791 Sleeveless Lace Insert Sheer Back Slit Maxi Dress

And if you're single, then maybe you want to slow things down. Maybe nothing serious until the 9th date, but you'll never know until you take the first date. Enjoy your shopping and your night out. From OuterInner ThusFeel.
December 25, 2014 by 10

If You Like Jewelry (Who Doesn't?) You'll Love FREE Jewelry!

So it's no secret that OuterInner.com has recently launched an exciting new fashion category: jewelry. Specifically they're being marketed under the ThusFeel brand name. ThusFeel shares the same values that have gone into making us one of the web's most popular online destinations for occasion dresses, namely quality and value, but ThusFeel is also about feeling (as evidenced in its name), fashion, passion, lifestyle and all the things that go into looking good and feeling great. new_customer_free_jewelry_201412_cat_en In terms of demographics, Jewelry by ThusFeel is aimed at women who not only want to look their best, but do so in a way that's effortless, versatile, and full of flair. The solution? ThusFeel's exhirilating range of statement necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets for a customizable look that says easy elegance and classic charisma. And now, to show you all how great ThusFeel jewelry truly is, we're having a limited time promotion where as long you spend at least $69 at OuterInner.com, we invite you to choose any piece of ThusFeel jewelry your heart fancies and receive it as a gift from us, completely free of charge. 11408X005_1 Simply sign up for a new customer account and start shopping on our site, adding items to your shopping bag as you would normally. Before you check out however, browse through our jewelry catalog noting the style code of the jewelry item you'd like as a gift. Next enter the following code (JEWELRY15), not including the brackets at checkout. Afterwhich, a generic gift entry box will appear in your shopping bag. Enter* the style code of the jewelry item you'd like in that box to let us know your choice. That's it! *If no style code is entered, we'll randomly select a gift to send you. We're confident that you'll find ThusFeel jewelry delightful, remarkable, and wholly conducive to fashion whose only purpose is to express the inner beauty of the wearer.
December 23, 2014 by 10

2014 Party Dresses for Women - Free Shipping from OuterInner

November is just about to come, which is the time of year again when the Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday is almost upon us. Therefore, it’s high time for you to pay a special attention towards your party wears. The winter season should not put you off wearing your spookiness sexy party dresses. In fact, these days, OuterInner released some more glamorous and eye-catching dresses with quick delivery and free shipping service. wearing the classic dresses for free shipping Now, let’s look at the awesome fashion party dresses collection for your special day. Just click the picture what you like and purchase with free shipping. One-Shoulder Dresses for Black Tie Event [caption id="attachment_8192" align="aligncenter" width="315"]Black Tie Event Style Code: 21477[/caption] This one shoulder maxi dress is a beautiful option that would work nicely as an evening dress or party dress. Pair it with black high heels or strappy heels and some delicate jewelry. This party dress can be worn for anything from a simple dinner party to a night out with the girls over the festive period to really set you apart from the crowd. Strapless Lace Long Evening Dress [caption id="attachment_8195" align="aligncenter" width="235"]Strapless Lace Long Evening Dress Style Code: 21479[/caption] The softness of this cloth doesn't only give a soothing effect to the wearer but a comfort ability factor is encountered. It is a lovely look for almost any occasion, whether you are heading to a ball, cocktail party, or any other special occasion on your calendar.  Satin Sheath Dress for Cocktail [caption id="attachment_8196" align="aligncenter" width="315"]SatinSheath Dress for Cocktail Style Code: 18890[/caption] When we stumbled across this gorgeous sheath dress, we were struck by the timeless, classic blue design. Royal blue satin and ruched flounce skirt, this dresses would make an adorable cocktail dress or party dress. Floral Print Belted Lace Prom Dresses [caption id="attachment_8197" align="aligncenter" width="315"]Floral Print Belted Lace Prom Dresses Style Code: 21480[/caption] It’s slight stretch with an elegant floral print belted Mermaid design and floor-length skirt. This dress is highly flattering and really highlights those beautiful female curves you have. After all, a special occasion should be just that: special. Sweetheart Satin A-line Prom Dresses [caption id="attachment_8198" align="aligncenter" width="315"]Sweetheart Satin A-line Prom Dresses Style Code: 18555[/caption] We love how this dress works perfectly for day or night. Do you have a bold colors and once-in-a-lifetime chic dress? If not, try them. This classic floral printed satin dress to look elegant and feminine will be the best for you,. Moreover, it is a steal at just $50. You can make it the perfect party dress by accessorizing it with some simple jewelry!

The 5 Fashion Winter Boots for Women

In the recent days, OuterInner released a larger-than-normal selection of boots with flat, high heels, high height, lace-front and so on. Whether the simply style, casual, sporty style, or the formal nobal style, any of the new arrivals are a better option for winter. Take a look at this edit of all the trends in 2014 winter at Outerinner.over the knee boots Over the Knee Boots Over the knee boots, the hottest trends of the winter, and it’s certainly the sexiest! These knee-length boots from OuterInner, are features with the studded belts, buckles, zips and straps, which line the soft top-grade hide of the boots and are the defining aesthetic feature of the uppers. These knee-length boots are eye-catching accessories for your winter day. The knee-length boots in the above picture, from left to right, the style code is listed here: 21568, 21571, 21700, 21543. Just click to OuterInner.com to get more details. Lace High Heels lace high heels Flat shoes not your style? Want featured shoes for a special occasion? Then those comfortable lace high heels must be your styles. It looks fancy and stylish but is surprisingly comfortable, which really define the concept of charm. The lace high heel boots in the above picture, from left to right, the style code is listed here: 21538, 21537. Just click to OuterInner.com to get more details. Rivet Ankle Boots Rivet Ankle BootsThese rivet ankle boots can always play an essential role in defining the stylish style. The rivet ankle boots in the above picture, from left to right, the style code is listed here: 21578, 21577. Just click to OuterInner.com to get more details. Leather Ankle Boots leather Ankle Boots When it comes to the bikers’ look for women, the must-have fashion accessory in the winter is the leather ankle boots. Thanks to the women’s collections from OuterInner, the metal detail, the bold, tone-to-tone, stitched seams seem to strengthen the boot’s upper – just what’s required of a hard-working biker boot. Both toughness and fine details, is perfect worn with leggings for channeling pure biker chic, or teamed with a skirt for a softer, more feminine look. The style code of these leather ankle boots in the above picture, from left to right, is listed here: 21594, 21592, 21510,21584. Just click to OuterInner.com to get more details. Short Sheepskin Boots Short Sheepskin Boots Matching with the skinny trousers, or even a pair of leggings, will aptly enhance the line of these ultra short boots, by subtly evoking their riding boot origins. The style code of these short boots in the above picture, from left to right, is listed here: 21597, 21602, 21604, 21605. Just click to OuterInner.com to get more details. So then, why not choose from these newest boots to enjoy a warmer winter? For more insights on our shoes, read beauty blogger Roxx’s review! Click Color Me RED: Plaid midi dress | Rochia midi in carouri to the details.  

Post from Blog Moda Valencia Tendencias - Letters Print T-shirt

! With Or Without Shoes - Blog Moda Valencia Tendencias: Green Guipure Skirt: Hi beauties, as you already know, I love lace fabrics and especially guipure and you have seen many of my outfits wearing it. So that, to...

Letters Print Loose Tee

Hi beauties, as you already know, I love lace fabrics and especially guipure and you have seen many of my outfits wearing it. So that, today I'm showing you a new outfit including a guipure pencil skirt, this time in soft green colour.
Hola guap@s, que me encanta el encaje en todos sus formatos y en especial el guipur no es algo nuevo pues ya me habéis visto con muchos looks haciendo uso de él. Así que hoy de nuevo os traigo un look con una falda tubo de guipur, esta vez en color verde pastel.
Although it seems a very classy garment, not suitable for daily use, if you combine it with a t-shirt which reduces its importance you will get a perfect outfit for being used in casual occasions. I have chosen sandals with heels which give a chic style to the whole outfit, but it could be also combined with flat sandals. Do you dare with guipure? Lots of Love and Many thanks for your nice comments. Kisses.
Aunque pueda parecer una prenda muy elegante, no apta para el día a día, si se combina con una camiseta que le reste importancia queda un look perfecto para utilizar en ocasiones más informales. Yo he elegido sandalias de tacón que le dan un aire chic al conjunto, pero también se puede combinar con unas sandalias planas y queda preciosa. ¿Os atrevéis con el guipur? Muchísimas gracias por vuestros comentarios. Un besazo ¡Muacks!
Letters Print Loose Tee
Letters Print Loose Tee
Letters Print Loose Tee
 Camiseta Dries Please / T-Shirt: OuterInner
Falda / Skirt : Zara Bolso / Bag: Zara

Esclava de plata / Silver Bracelet: Duna Tube de TOUS

Gafas de Sol / Sunglasses:  Prada PR 27PS en color KAD0A7 (White Havana) vía Solextrem
Pulsera hojas pequeña en plata / Silver Small Leaf Bracelet: Forever
Leaf Collection by Chavin
Colgante silueta estrella en plata / Silver Silhouette Star Pendant: Star Collection by Chavin
Sandalias / Sandals: Zara
  • PS. Watch this video to get more details about women's top heel from OuterInner
Perfect shoes, really they are. Different colors, different styles, which one is your favorite?Just click the heels you love and get more details. Nude Color: Embellished Strap Point Toe Heeled Shoes OuterInner Style Code: 17750 Blue Color: Gold Ankle Strap Faux Suede Block Heel Sandals OuterInner Style Code: 17751 Red Color: Studded Point Toe Faux High Heel Shoes OuterInner Style Code: 17709

Blog Moda Valencia Tendencias: Black and White Leopard

Black and White Leopard

Black and White Leopard

! With Or Without Shoes - Blog Moda Valencia Tendencias: Black and White Leopard: Hi beauties, although I already have this same crop top in black color I couldn't get it in white color during the past season, but f...
Hi beauties, although I already have this same crop top in black color I couldn't get it in white color during the past season, but finally I happily found it on Black Five. As you can see, I have mixed it with a pair of distressed jeans and a black & white leopard print blazer jacket. A color combination alternative to the popular brown one, but which I also love.
Hola guap@s, aunque tengo este Crop Top en negro, la temporada pasada me quedé con las ganas de conseguirlo en blanco, así que me alegré mucho cuando lo vi en Black Five . Como veis lo he combinado con unos jeans rotos y con una blazer con estampado de Leopardo en blanco y negro. Una alternativa diferente al marrón pero que me gusta mucho también.
 Furthermore, to give to the look a casual touch, nothing better than my beloved leather backpack which, as you know, is one of  the latest bag trends. Do you dare to wear Animal Print?Lots of Love and Many thanks for your nice comments.
Además para darle el toque más casual, nada mejor que mi adorada Mochila de cuero que como sabéis, es una de las Tendencias actuales en Bolsos. ¿Os animáis vosotras con el Animal Print? Muchísimas gracias por vuestros comentarios. Un besazo.
 Black and White LeopardBlack and White Leopard Black and White Leopard
Black and White LeopardBlack and White LeopardBlack and White Leopard
Chaqueta leopardo / Leopard Print Blazer Jacket: OuterInner
Crop Top : Black Five
Jeans: Mango Bolso Mochila de cuero / Leather BackPack: Zara
Esclava de plata / Silver Bracelet: Duna Tube de TOUS Gafas de Sol / Sunglasses:  Prada PR 27PS in Ivory color vía Solextrem
Colgante silueta estrella en plata / Silver Silhouette Star Pendant: Star Collection by Chavin
Botines / Ankle Boots: Zara

Weekly New In: Winter Coats for Women under $40

Women's Winter Coats under $40: Weekly New In, Save 5% and More! new in winter coat 2014 Every season has its styles, and we always have been overwhelmed with choice. It's winter now, the winter coats for women are the staple in any winter wardrobe.  However, which styles will not only keep you warm but also get a lot more stylish. From loose or belted, short or long, full or fitted, OuterInner edits the best of 2014. What’s more, all the newest women winter coats from OuterInner.com can get 5% OFF. There, we have handpicked the best winter coats under $40, which can save your budget, believe that you will be cherishing for years. Just click the picture you love and get more details. Fashion Loose Woolen Women Winter Coat Loose Wool Overcoat Style Code: 21416. One of the most prominent trends for winter was the comfortingly soft, full look in wool...This coat is the trend. OuterInner sell this coat for four size options: S, M, L, and XL. For those who want to find the plus size women’s winter coats, it will be your top picks. Ladies Coat with Back Embroidery Embellished ladies winter coat Style Code: 21214. The Embroidery Embellished continued to inspire designers this season. This street style ladies coat features with the cotton fabrics in multicolored, must be a cool and dynamic wear. Choose to keep it casual with jeans for weekend. False Belt Wool Women Winter Coat winter coats for women Style Code: 21222. This one not only has a super-sleek A-line shape, but the false belt and the pocket detail add extra style points, too. We think you should snap up this super-chic coat from OuterInner right now.  Loose Woolen Designer-style Women Winter Coat women's winter coats Style Code: 21431. If you are looking for a designer-style winter coat, but do not have the designer budget to play with – look to OuterInner and its super-cool collection of winter wares. This fashion coat is perfect for you.  Fur Collar Zipper Winter Coat Long Windbreaker Fur Collar Zipper Winter Coat Style Code: 21103. This season is all about fur, and it has been this season’s must-have piece. Therefore, we released this amazing winter coat for you, which is really the wintery trend.  Leisure Wool Fitted Winter Coat for Women Fitted Winter Coat for Women Style Code: 21104. Wow, this winter coat is so cool. Red and black color matching, a bold look and option for standout color matching style. This fitted winter coat will score some trendy style points. So snap it up, fast. Making sure your winter wardrobe is a step above the rest.  Wide-Lapel Alloy Buttons Wool Winter Trench Coat Women Wool Winter Coat Style Code: 21431. If in doubt - go for a classic trench. There is nothing we love more than a classic trench coat. We have three-color options for this winter coat: red, blue and yellows.