8 Annoying Things (Most) Bridesmaids Are Guilty of Doing

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No bridesmaid wants to drive her bride nuts. And yet, unwittingly, ‘maids often make requests, offer advice or butt in when they should butt out in ways that do nothing but drive the averagebride crazy. So brush up on your awesome bridesmaid skills by avoiding these eight mistakes that will only annoy your bride.

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Being upset when the bride doesn’t take your advice. 

“For the most part, the bride will listen and agree to whatever opinions their bridesmaids have, but at the end of the day, they need to choose what feels right for them,” she says. “I’ve had bridesmaids complain about floral arrangements or the type of shoes that the bride decided on, which just gives the bride a headache and feelings of anxiety. Please do not do that! She already has a million decisions to make — she doesn’t need her closest friends complaining about the ones that in the end should only be made by her.”

Not showing up on time — or at all!
From pre-wedding parties to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, being a bridesmaid is a serious time commitment. So, Espinal reasons, don’t make it if you can’t set aside the time to attend the most important wedding-related functions. “You most certainly don’t have to attend each and every single one, but if you do RSVP, please do show up,” Espinal says.

Complaining about your dress. 
It’s simple: “The bride has the right to choose your bridesmaid dress,” Espinal says. “I think the days of hideous bridesmaids dresses are over, so please do not be offended if the bride chooses a style or color that is not your favorite.”


Trying to change things of which you’re not in control. 
“You are not allowed to change the rules whenever you feel like it,” Espinal says. “I’ve had so many situations where bridesmaids feel like they can change timelines and processional orders or even tell the band what songs should be played and at what times.”

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Talking behind the bride’s back.“The most devastating thing a bride can experience is knowing that her ladies are going behind her back to discuss her wedding details or decisions,” Espinal says. “That can be incredibly hurtful and quite annoying. If you want to help your bride enjoy the process, be up front with her and let her know your concerns are coming from a place of love.”

Giving advice when you’re not asked for it.
Married ‘maids are especially prone to dishing out what worked for them, Espinal says. “It’s important to remember that each wedding is unique to the couple, and not everything that worked for you will work for them,” she says.

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Complaining, nonstop.
Keep your negative comments to yourself, please! “Wed

dings are expensive not only for the bride and groom — or whomever is footing the bill! — but it’s also especially expensive for bridesmaids,” says Espinal. “It’s not all just glitz and glamour, so please doesn’t complain when the responsibilities start piling on.”

Thinking her big day is really about you. 
“It seems so simple and yet it’s so easy to forget,” Espinal admits. “It’s not every day you can call a friend a bride, so when that day comes it can be overwhelmingly beautiful and also a bit awkward. Don’t hurt your bride by ignoring her and taking away that moment of shine. It is in fact her wedding day, and that moment should be shared with joy regardless of how it makes you feel.” upside down wine goblets with candle and flowers

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What to eat? A question you ask yourself at least twice a day. Breakfast grab a coffee and a muffin as you coast through Starbucks, but lunch and dinner. Italian or Dim Sum? Mexican or drinks at the pub?

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And what to wear? The absolute bane of your existence. It’s not easy looking good especially for executives like yourself on the up and up.

So here’s the thing. Your gmail calendar just reminded you that you’ve got an event next month. It’s the company annual dinner. A night of mirth and drinking and then the next day, hangovers and regrets. But it’s gotta be done. And of course the question begs itself, what do you wear? Do you go with off the rack, something at the mall? No! Because most likely you’ll end up wearing the identical same thing as about 3 other girls in the company. There are over 600 employees.

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Yeah you do work for one of the biggest ad agencies in the world. Which means at the annual dinner people fly in from all over the country. It’s a who’s who, look at her, talk behind your back, totally B-fest! But hella fun. So…whatcha gonna do? Hey wait a minute, what’s this? OuterInner.com. Where do I remember that name from?

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Oh yeah last year when Tricia got married she ordered her wedding dress from there and it was lovely. And it was a total steal! Let’s just take a peek…wow. That’s nice. And that too. And I’d totally wear that. How much? OMG! That’s amazing. Click. Click. Done. And wait, they sell jewelry too. Love that. And that too. Click. Click. Done. And for less than a Friday night out. Thanks OuterInner.com.

Cocktail Hour

You’re trying to figure out that song they’re playing. Your sister used to play it all the time. It’s an 80′s hit. Oh it’s driving you crazy. Always in time, but never in line for dreams. Head over heels when toe to toe. This is the sound of my soul. Spandau Ballet!

The waiter comes over and asks you if you want another drink. You ask for a Cosmo with a Sambuca chaser. Work hard, play hard. That’s the mantra.

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You’re good at what you do. You love what you do. You get paid well. You’re single and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to mingle. But you’re not interested just yet in settling down. Maybe in a couple of years. After you’ve bought your 3rd house and you’ve been to Nepal alone. Just one of those places where trying to figure out what each other is thinking or you, no you, no you go ahead just kills the mood. Life is pretty special and you only get one try on this magical mystery tour we call living.

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So you’re in it to carpe diem to the fullest.

You see Brad, he’s in Accounting. He comes over to talk to you. Sandy, you look amazing. Love your dress. And the dangle earrings, brilliant. Wow Brad, you know about dangle earrings? I have sisters you know. You make small talk, you laugh, talk about work, gossip, you see Jasmine from Marketing and hastily retreat to the sidelines. Once Jasmine starts going on about Instagram there’s no stopping her.

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The light is just so and you notice that Brad’s kinda cute and it’s been 6 months since you broke up with Vince. And yeah I look great in this dress I know it. I got it from OuterInner.com.

Date Evening

All work and no play can make anyone dull and depressed. Especially now that the cold has arrived and we hear it plans on staying for a bit. So to shake things up may we suggest — date night! Yup that’s right once a week, set aside a night for a bit of R & R & R. That’s rest, relaxation, and…romance, you silly.

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Oh boo hoo I know what you’re thinking, but I’ve got nothing to wear except these tired old sweat pants and baggy sweaters from college. And I’ve got no money to buy myself a new look. To that we say where there is a will there’s a way. Here then we bring you some fresh new looks without breaking the bank. Looks that are simply stylish, and favorably fashionable. Plus we’ve assembled some affordable yet statement making jewelry to go along with your new visuals.

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Dresses to delight and jewels to re-juvenate. Beat the winter blahs and take out that one you love (or just someone that makes you smile) to a nice dinner, ok maybe candlelight is a bit hokey, but what about pasta and a bottle of wine and then another bottle of wine, and then a couple of shots, and then that look, and a kiss, and then let’s get the check and head home as fast as we can.

The fact is, modern life wrecks a lot of damage to modern relationships and it’s up to you to do something to stop the boredom. Think of it like this, a few bucks here and there is nothing compared to the money you’ll spend when it’s each takes half and the lawyer fees. Just saying.

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And if you’re single, then maybe you want to slow things down. Maybe nothing serious until the 9th date, but you’ll never know until you take the first date.

Enjoy your shopping and your night out. From OuterInner ThusFeel.

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