OuterInner Easter 2014 Dress Sale!

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OuterInner easter 2014 dress sale

Off work this Easter? Why not have a browse of our occasions dresses and treat yourself?

There’s never a ‘bad’ time to get a new dress, no matter whether you’re attending prom, your friend’s wedding, or a birthday party. Maybe you’d just like a fresh look for 2014, in which case casual fashion dresses will be your thing.

One things for sure, if you could save extra money you would, right?

Who’s with me???

Save 15% OFF Your Order For Easter Until April 23rd!

It’s easy for you to save 15% OFF your dress order from OuterInner.com! You’ll just need to add this code at checkout between now and April 23rd:

Easter discount code

When you have chosen your dress and are at checkout, before you place your order you will see the special code box as below:

special code box

It’s here that you need to enter ‘EASTER,’ don’t forget! ;)

Also you’ll be pleased to hear that you can also use this code to get a discount off dresses and items that have already been reduced!

For example, if a dress is $100 and reduced by 20% it’d be $80. Add the code EASTER and you’ll get another 15% OFF the $80, meaning your final purchase cost would be just $68!

You can check our sale dresses right here, maybe you could get one that you like even cheaper!?

10 Amazingly Cheap Wedding Favors For Thrifty Brides

“Do Wedding Favors Need To Be Expensive?”

10 inexpensive wedding favors

If you’re like many of today’s brides then you’ll be looking for ways to save money on your wedding, and finding cheap wedding favors is a great way to cut costs! You’ll also love the inexpensive wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner too!
For now though let’s look at 10 really inexpensive wedding favors that would still put big smiles on your guests’ faces!

“I Want To Save Money, But I Don’t Wan’t To Be Seen As Cheap!”

You’re quite right. No bride wants her guests to walk away from a lovely day thinking that more could have been spent on wedding favors, so it’s important to know which kinds of gifts are inexpensive, yet still very popular. Here’s where we come in…

1. Candy Wedding Favors

Candies come in so many varieties, and when put into a small jar or bag are a colorful and sweet way to remember a nice wedding! Candies aren’t expensive to begin with, but bought in bulk from a wholesaler they’d be even cheaper and perhaps you could mix and match some different flavors?

candy wedding favors

2. Picture Frames

Many couples have taken to giving their guests a picture frame containing a personalised picture of themselves. It’s a lovely memento, and could be used to say ‘thank you’ by inserting that kind of picture. Picture frames can of course be obtained cheaply from most homeware stores.

picture frame wedding favors

3. Candles

Candles are an attractive, and if scented, pleasant-smelling gift that most guests would like in their home. You could choose special wedding styles, or buy them in bulk at a low price from somewhere like Ikea.

candles wedding favors

4. Home-made Jams

There are few wedding favors cheaper than home-made, and since you’ve put your own time and effort into making this lovely jam your guests will appreciate it all the more! Ideal for rustic weddings, or seasonal weddings when using fruit that’s in season.

jam wedding favors

5. Make A Charitable Donation

If you have a charity that’s particularly close to your heart then you could use your wedding favor budget to make a donation on behalf of yourselves and your guests. Each guest could then be given a donation certificate instead of a gift, or you could team this up with another small favor, such as candies.

charity donation wedding favors

6. Mini Spa Set Wedding Favors

Putting together a small gift basket of bath and spa products doesn’t have to be expensive if you use miniature, hotel-sized, products. You’ll also be able to choose from a selection and put together quite a personalized basket. If this is too ‘spendy’ for all of your guests, you could consider giving them only to your bridesmaids.

bath set wedding favors

7. Personalized Bookmarks

Another ultra budget option, if you’re good on the computer you can design and print off your own personalized bookmarks celebrating your lovely day!
I suggest adding a picture of yourselves, your wedding date, and perhaps a favorite poem or sonnet into a landscape column in your word document, printing it off as many times as needed at somewhere like Kinko’s onto 8×11 card, and using this as your bookmark!

bookmark wedding favors

8. Tiny Plants

A lot of couples like to give their guests a small and cute plant, like a succulent, and this can also be used to stand up their place card on the table at the reception. As they take care of the plant at home it will remind them of your lovely wedding!

plants wedding favors

9. Home-made Cookies Or Cakes

If you fancy yourself as quite the baker, why not put your skills to work and make a big batch of yummy cookies or brownies? They’re delicious, cheap, and fun. Once again, your guests will appreciate that they have been made by your own hands!

cookies wedding favors

10. Gift Bags

The great thing about many of these wedding favors is that they are cute, small, and inexpensive, so you could actually combine 2 or 3 into a ‘goodie bag’ and give these out. I like the idea of using burlap sacks, especially for spring, summer, or rustic weddings!

burlap gift bag wedding favors

 Which of these wedding favors would you like to give out at your wedding? Or did you have something else? Let us know in the comments please!

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“What Would You Say If I Told You That The Order You’re About To Place Could Be Cheaper?”

5% OFF everything outerinner offer April 14

Yes, that’s right, your OuterInner order could be cheaper. Stop what you’re doing and don’t click “pay” until you’ve read this blog!

Get An Extra 5% OFF Everything!

Here at OuterInner we pride ourselves in offering a huge range of hand-made dresses, lingerie, and accessories for any occasion at inexpensive prices, but sometimes we like to sweeten the pot a little more for you, our loyal customers!

In April 2014 you can get an extra 5% OFF your order by adding the code “5OFF” at checkout in the special code box.

For example, if you’re ordering a dress that costs US$100, this code will automatically reduce the cost to $95!

But it gets better…

The savings really start when you’re ordering a dress or item that has already been reduced. This code will also work, so you get an extra saving! Happy dance!

Currently on offer we have:

Use code “5OFF” when placing your order, and increase the discount by another 5%, nice huh?

5 Bridesmaid Dresses Trends Brides Are Loving In 2014!

What Are The Top 5 Bridesmaid Dresses Trends In 2014?

5 top bridesmaid dresses trends 2014

There are plenty of spring and summer brides who have their wedding plans well underway, and those plans should include choosing gorgeous bridesmaid dresses! Having a vast choice of bridesmaid dress styles to choose from can be both a blessing, and a curse; that’s why we’re going to guide you through!

Based on the bridesmaid dresses that our brides have been buying, here are the top 5 trends that are sure to be a hit in 2014! Hope these give you some great dress inspiration!

1. Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are really vogue right now, and the muted, classic colors are really lovely for spring and summer weddings! Good news, OuterInner have a whole new range of these bridesmaid dresses right here.

Another bonus of pastels is that you can get wedding color inspiration from the dresses and work shades of a single pastel into your wedding decor, groomsmen’s outfits, table settings, flowers, etc.

2. Radiant Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses

radiant orchid bridesmaid dresses

What is “radiant orchid?” It’s a big deal as it’s 2014′s color of the year, meaning that we will see a lot more of it this year! It’s a light shade of purple, a very flattering color for every skin tone, and looks amazing for bridesmaid dresses! Read more about this color here. We should mention that any shade of purple is lovely for weddings, so go ahead and match different hues!

3. Gorgeous Backs

gorgeous backs bridesmaid dressesThese days we demand that dresses, especially bridesmaid dresses which will be seen from every angle on the day, look amazing at 360 degrees! That’s why bridesmaid dresses with gorgeous backs & lots of decoration are a hot look in 2014! Think swooping V backs, Y necklines (as seen above), and illusion backs.

4. Bridesmaid Dresses With Textured Florals

textured florals bridesmaid dresses

Picture credit to Grey likes weddings.

Textured florals bridesmaid dresses are all about being “pretty,” and who can resist lovely floral motifs, and lace? This look would be especially great for those of you planning rustic weddings. You can read more about rustic weddings right here.

5. Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

Though not the ‘color of the year,’ royal blue bridesmaid dresses are also another popular color in 2014. It’s a bright and positive color that works well in any kind of wedding, be it an outdoor affair in the afternoon, or a classy evening event. Royal blue is a bold color and will really pop when paired with light-colored bouquets in your wedding photos. Since your girls are going to be in most of your wedding photos, the color you choose for the bridesmaid dresses becomes ever so important!

Which of these trends do YOU like? Let us know, and don’t forget to go take a look at all of our inexpensive bridesmaid dresses here.

Spring Clean Your Closet With New Fashion Dresses!

Fashion Dresses: It’s Time For A New Look!

Traditionally in spring we take some time to clean up the house or apartment, but have you also considered ditching some of your dated clothes and revamping your look for 2014? If so OuterInner’s new fashion dresses are for you!

Not only will you free up space, but you’ll also be stepping out in style wearing some of the coolest looks that we’ve managed to find for 2014, at the usual low OuterInner prices of course!

Let’s look at some of the cool fashion dresses that you’ll be able to wear! Click any of the pics below to see further details ;)

Florals and the whole BoHO chic trend are back! How about this pretty floral maxi for your vacation or sunny days?

Floral & Leaf Printed Beaded Halter Bandeau Maxi Dress Style Code: 12749 Now $34.30

This fun party dress has a unique watercolor style print!

Watercolor Sleeved Party Dress with Waistband Style Code: 13310 Now $83.80

“Alice in Wonderland” fans will love this tank dress!

Alice Print Slinky Tank Dress Style Code: 15144 Now $13.92

How about this striking asymmetric party dress?

Hollow Out Bodice Asymmetric Hem Party Dress Style Code: 15835 Now $30.02

It is true that we’re best known for our bridalwear and formal dresses here at OuterInner, but hopefully now you can see that we’ve got something up our sleeves for ALL occasions, even when you need something hot and stylish for more casual events!

Good News! Fashion Dresses Now ON SALE 30% OFF!

fashion dresses sale

If you like these fashion dresses then you know what to do! See all of them by clicking here!

2014 Prom Dresses On Sale! 20% OFF Until April 6th.

2014 Prom Dresses Sale!

2014 prom dresses sale

It’s prom season, and OuterInner is ready to help you get the dress of your dreams as we’ve just reduced our 2014 prom dresses by 20%!

You’ll also get an extra 15% OFF worldwide shipping to you address, so now’s a great time to shop for prom dresses! :)

Why Choose To Find Your 2014 Prom Dresses From OuterInner?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to finding your ideal prom dress, so we go the extra mile:

  • There are more than 2,500 different 2014 prom dresses to choose from in our catalog. More choice = more chance to look unique and amazing!
  • Each prom dress style can be made in a large variety of colors, so you’re in control of the final look!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re petite or a plus size; OuterInner hand-make our prom dresses to your own measurements if you choose “custom size.” You won’t find made-to-measure dresses of the same quality for less elsewhere!
  • Only 4 to 6 weeks to make and deliver your dress, or 1 week if you choose quick delivery prom dresses! No long lead times!

Let’s See A Few 2014 Prom Dresses That Are Newly Released!

Each year there are new trends for prom, and we’ve got some of the hot looks in store now. Here are a few that we’ve selected for you:

This prom dress is made even cooler with its sequin bodice! Applique Embellished Light Chiffon Prom Dress Style Code: 15783 $117

Applique Embellished Light Chiffon Prom Dress Style Code: 15783 $117Who knew that a feathered skirt could look so wonderful? Feather Embellished Pleated One Shoulder Evening Dress Style Code: 15481 On sale $373.15

Feather Embellished Pleated One Shoulder Evening Dress Style Code: 15481 On sale $373.15

How about top-to-toe sequins to make a statement? Sequins Sweetheart Neckline Thigh Slit Evening Dress Style Code: 15452 On sale $130.90

Sequins Sweetheart Neckline Thigh Slit Evening Dress Style Code: 15452 On sale $130.90

The gentle ruching of this prom dress is quite special! Beaded Halter Chiffon Ruching Top Prom Dress Style Code: 15445 On sale $211.65

Beaded Halter Chiffon Ruching Top Prom Dress Style Code: 15445 On sale $211.65

An overlaid skirt is really eye-catching and unique! Beaded Bodice Natural Waist A-Line Homecoming Dress With Overlay Style Code: 14278 On sale $133.45

Beaded Bodice Natural Waist A-Line Homecoming Dress With Overlay Style Code: 14278 On sale $133.45

Remember, this is just a tiny selection of all of the 2014 prom dresses that we offer, and if you’d like to see more just follow the link in blue!

Your Turn…

If you could choose a particular style from our 2014 prom dresses, which would it be?

Don’t forget that all of the prom dresses are reduced by 20% until April 6th! :)


You can also win a FREE prom dress worth up to $150!

It’s easy and will take you 2 minutes to enter the contest. To see how, click here.

Win A FREE Prom Dress From Outerinner In Spring 2014!

Want To Win A FREE Prom Dress?

win a free prom dress

OuterInner.com want to give you a FREE prom dress in 2014!

If you like the idea of winning a free, custom prom dress where you choose the style, color, and size, then join our facebook contest!

“How Do I Win My FREE Prom Dress?”

It’s so easy to join!

1. First you need to go to the OuterInner club facebook page and like us! ;)

2. Then you’ll see the free prom dress contest post at the top of the page here:
win a free prom dress contest on outerinner facebook page

3. You need to read the instructions. They are:

Share your best prom story as a comment below THIS post, & the story with the most likes by April 6th will win!

PS. You could also share a picture of you at prom too with your story, as we love to see those!
Stories could be funny, romantic, or happy
Good luck!

(OuterInner’s decision is final / prize can be any prom dress up to $150 in value from our range / winner will be contacted via a facebook message from us on April 6th / no purchase necessary / this contest is not connected to facebook in any way)

4. Go ahead and post your prom story (and picture if you can) below the post, and then encourage your friends to come like it! It’s likes that will make you a winner, not just sharing your fun or lovely story.

5. Be ready by choosing the prom dress you’d like to win (worth US$150 or less) from our selection here: prom dresses.

5. By April 6th, if your post has the MOST likes then you will win the free prom dress! Good times!

So, it’s that easy to win! Just share some pics and memories of your favorite prom story with us, and you stand a chance of winning the prom dress!

PS…Here’s A Tip

If you’re not going to prom this year, but you still want to win the free prom dress, that’s OK! Many of OuterInner’s prom dresses are ideal for formal events, balls, and work functions. Why not enter anyway and share a story about when you went to prom in the past!?

READY TO ENTER? CLICK HERE: OuterInner free prom dress contest spring 2014

Good luck! :)


7 Spring Wedding Food Ideas Brides Will Love!

7 Delish Spring Wedding Food Ideas

7 spring wedding food ideas

Everyone loves good food at a wedding, and since we’re into spring (in the Northern hemisphere anyway) let’s take a look at 7 of the most popular spring wedding food ideas for 2014 here…

1. Meatballs: The Crowd Pleaser!

Spring wedding food ideas | meatballs

They may not sound too fancy, but meatballs have become really popular for weddings these days! You wouldn’t think so, but they’re actually perfect wedding food. They are small, but are really tasty and look so appealing! Serve them during your main meal, or as an entree during the cocktail hour. Go for traditional tastes like marinara, or try something different like thai spices, or luxury beefs!

2. Vegetarian, Or Vegan Choices

Spring wedding food ideas | vegetarian options

Whether a lifestyle choice, or just for better health, Vegetarian and vegan food options are really important to today’s brides. Vegetarian foods are traditionally light and tasty, and vegan sushi is especially popular!

3. Cheese & Fruit Boards

Spring wedding food ideas | cheese and fruit boards

Nothing fits the season of spring better than fresh fruit and creamy cheese. Your guests will be delighted with the multitude of tastes and colors that a packed cheese and fruit board provides!

4. Catering Trucks: All The Fun Of The Fair!

Spring wedding food ideas | catering trucks

Catering trucks are popping up everywhere, and everyone loves, whether they be serving pizza, or Thai food! Why not surprise your guests with a yummy catering truck, as it’s such a fun treat? Every bride wants to make their wedding especially memorable, and a catering truck will do just that!

5. DIY dessert Stations: Pick & Mix!

Spring wedding food ideas | dessert stations

Traditional weddings may just have the wedding cake as a dessert course, but most people love the chance to ‘help themselves’ to as much or little tasty dessert as possible.
That’s why a mixture of bite-size desserts along with your cake will go down really well among them!
Particularly popular are dessert bars where guests can ‘make’ their own dessert, such as waffle or ice cream bars with different toppings to choose from!

6. Lettuce Wraps

Spring wedding food ideas | lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps are delicious, easy to make, and light enough to be a great spring wedding appetizer. Asian style wraps are your best bet: Try hoisin chicken, noodles and water chestnuts, or shrimp with mango, sweet chilli, lime juice, and parsley.

7. Red Velvet Anything…

Spring wedding food ideas | red velvet cakes

Red velvet wedding cakes, cupcakes, and pies are THE must have cake or dessert for spring weddings in 2014! The combination of frosting, and bright red interior is mouthwateringly tempting for any guest, and is also a feast for the eyes!

Which of these spring wedding food ideas do you like?

Want to see even more cool wedding food trends? Follow our pinterest board “Wedding Food Ideas” here.

Read another blog on some different cool wedding food trends! Click here.

PS…Short Wedding Dresses, Perfect For Spring Brides, Are Now ON SALE With 25% OFF! See Them Here!

short wedding dresses sale march 2014

OuterInner’s Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

How To Choose Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

choosing your perfect prom dresses

Prom season is upon us and we know picking prom dresses that you’ll love and stand out in is a difficult task, so we are giving some of our top tips on finding the perfect prom dresses here.

1. Focus On Your Best Features.

What are your best features? It could be your curves, legs, or bust. It doesn’t matter, we’re all different, but it will really help your look to choose prom dresses that highlight these features!

empire prom dresses

If you are curvaceous then empire prom dresses will taper in at your waist, accentuating your curves in all the right places. If you’re petite then ankle length prom dresses won’t swamp your small figure, but still allow you to wear a long dress. If you’re lucky enough to be an hour glass, you’ll look great with a defined waist or asymmetric prom dresses as they show off your silhouette.

2. Be Adventurous With Color.

A lot of girls choose black prom dresses, and although you can’t really go wrong with black, why not go for a pop of color?
A bold color, like turquoise or red, is a great way to stand out among your friends, and a fun way to enhance your look.

bright color prom dresses

Remember, you decide the color! Filter between the colors on the left hand side of our store until you find one that’s just so.

3. Accessories Will Make Your Look.

Your prom outfit doesn’t end with prom dresses alone, as accessories will help to complete it. Many prom dresses tend to be a little low cut, and this gives you license to wear eye-catching necklaces and earrings which won’t be overlapping your dress and clashing. Stylish clutches are a great way to carry your phone and makeup, and they can be matched with your prom dress color too! Don’t forget your corsage too! ;)

prom dresses and corsage

4. Have Some Fun!

Prom is your chance to really go to town and have fun with your friends, and choosing the right prom dresses will help you to enjoy yourself! Why? Because if you choose a prom dress that puts a smile on your face, and will make your friends go, “Wow!” You’ll be walking on air all night! Try a fancy style like serious sparkle prom dresses for maximum effect!

serious sparkle prom dresses

See some of 2014′s latest prom trends here.

5. Go With Short Prom Dresses For A Change.

Prom is all about looking a little different to everyone else, and most girls choose a classic long prom dress. You can stand out by choosing short prom dresses! No one said that skirts have to be long, and so you can have a fun and more comfortable look if you ditch the long skirt!

short prom dresses

Ready to shop for your perfect style? Buy your ideal prom dresses in your choice of size, color, and style from OuterInner here.

5 Reasons Why Brides Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner

5 Reasons To Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner

budget wedding gowns from outerinner

In the news this week we’re hearing a lot about inexpensive budget wedding gowns which are only around US$100 or so! Many brides find it unbelievable that such an important dress could be so ‘cheap,’ but actually these days it’s a fact that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get a really beautiful wedding gown!

It may be that many brides have concerns about paying so little. It may be that many brides have trust issues about gowns bought over the web. So can such a low-priced gown be great? Is it possible to get truly beautiful dresses at such good prices? Basically, are they “too good to be true?”

In this blog we’ll give you 5 reasons why brides love budget wedding gowns from OuterInner.com!

Not Every Wedding Gown Is Created Equal

budget wedding gownsBefore we begin let’s examine the state of wedding gowns from a bride’s point of view.

If you visit a local bridal store, and most brides shop in this way, you’ll struggle to find good quality wedding gowns at under around US$1000. They certainly won’t suggest much cheaper gowns, and this is all because they need to make a lot of profit out of each bride.

Your wedding gown’s price will include:

  • The cost of the dress
  • The import charges
  • The profit of the importer
  • Your country’s tax
  • The costs of the bridal store’s staff salaries
  • Utilities and rental costs
  • The store’s profit

Scary, right?

This is why many brides are saying, “Enough!” And looking for budget wedding gowns!

Actually, the ultra expensive wedding gown that you see in your local bridal store is often the same quality, and indeed made in the same place, as lower cost  budget wedding gowns. The difference is all of the ‘add-ons’ that inflate the cost!

Cut out the staff, rental, and import costs, and it’s quite possible to offer the same wedding gowns at a fraction of the cost; from under $100 to perhaps around $300! It’s that simple, and it’s why brides have been using OuterInner.com as their secret, money-saving, weapon for over 3 years now!

5 Reasons To Love Budget Wedding Gowns From OuterInner!

1. Low Prices!

Go check out the budget wedding gowns from OuterInner. You’ll see that there are 90+ styles costing less than $150! Long, short, traditional, modern. Every bride can find a really inexpensive wedding gown to suit her, and if you have a little more to spend then the choice goes up into the hundreds of styles!

“Why are they so cheap? Surely it’s too good to be true?”

OuterInner cut out all of the nasty added costs you can see above. We can still make enough money to operate as a business and offer you wedding gowns at these prices simply because we don’t need to charge more!

2. High Quality

We understand that you may be unsure about ordering on line, but there are quality safe-guards in place to make sure that your dress reaches you and you love it!
First, please help us to help you by ordering the correct size! We will help you! Read this blog to see how easy it is to get the right measurements!
Each dress is painstakingly hand-made, and checked twice for any quality issues before shipping.

outerinner only sell hand made wedding gowns

Read some of our customer reviews and you’ll see how happy other brides and customers like you were! Click here: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/tag/real-outerinner-customer-reviews/

3. Fast Delivery

Go into a local bridal store and see how quickly they can get your dress. There’s a good chance you’d have to wait for several months! This is because they’re having it made abroad, shipped to them, and finally giving it to you. Not only the long wait, but you’d be likely to have to put down a hefty deposit, or even pay for the dress outright!

Save yourself the time, deposit, and fuel by ordering on line. Your wedding gown is still made abroad, but you cut out the middle-man, and it’s delivered straight to you within only about 6 weeks or so in total (we also offer ‘ready-to-wear wedding gowns‘ that are delivered within about a week!)!

4. Huge Range Of Wedding Gowns

The average local bridal store will have, maybe, a couple hundred dresses on their racks. Only a fraction of these would be in a size that you can try on and wear to get a feel for them.

We understand that brides like you spend a long time looking not for any dress, but for the one, and that’s why we have thousands of dress styles available!

Don’t think it’s hard to search through them all either, visit our budget wedding gowns and you can see a filter to the left-hand side of your screen which allows you to shop by feature. See the wedding gowns that suit you, and avoid those that you’re uninterested in…easy :)

filter through budget wedding gowns

5. Latest Styles For The Discerning Bride

Don’t think the low prices will constrain you to only having a few basic styles to choose from either, as OuterInner offer our budget wedding gowns in many of 2014′s cutting-edge wedding styles, such as two-in-one dresses, peplums, open backs, sparkly, lace etc.
Once again, we suggest that you use the filter to choose from wedding gowns in these trend categories, and you’ll be a trendy bride as well as saving money!

searching for budget wedding gowns in different trendsYour Turn…

How much would you pay for a wedding gown? Do low prices attract you, or raise concerns? After reading this blog, and seeing the recent news on TV about budget wedding gowns, would you be more likely to choose one?
Let us know in the comments please…